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From 7 Day Turnaround to 2 Hour Turnaround

I just had a client take an agreed to 7-day turnaround and turn it into “I need this in 2 hours”. Has anyone else had this happen? If so, how did you handle it? I’m not going to be able to do like this person wants, I guess there’s no other option but to cancel the order, ugh.


Personally, I’d cancel. From experience, buyers like this are usually also likely to say they want to cancel after delivery. They usually also find a way to make that happen, either by going to CS or filing a chargeback.

I just wouldn’t waste my time.


Way too often.

If I can, I deliver it. If not, I inform the buyer about it. If it’s possible to deliver it so quickly, sending them a custom extra for super-fast delivery might also be a good idea.

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I can’t, I’m still at my full time job. And I felt I was very clear in my profile that I do my writing on a part-time basis. Sigh. I guess they’ll just have to get upset with me.

Not many people read those. You might want to put “Please note the delivery times for each package” or something similar as the first sentence of your gig description.

I would’ve tell them that your gig offers 7 days turnaround as per gig description and you will deliver it before the order deadline as agreed. However if they need it faster you can send them a gig extra and it will be ready in X amount of time and x$ (you can set up the comfortable deadline and price for yourself) and that it will be fastest you can deliver it to maintain quality of the work.
If you really want to cancel you can also add “otherwise we will be forced to cancel the order as this is not part of the original requirements”


The client must be confused, ask the buyer to cancel from his/her end. You just need to accept the dispute and explain the issue there.

Hopefully it works.

I had to cancel an order yesterday where the buyer asked me to deliver 2 sketches within 3 hours after placing an order.

Canceling is the safest way. Cancel then block.

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