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From 8 days a single review and last 24 hours 7 reviews


So its really a up down game we all know that but has this happen to you either nothing or all at once :stuck_out_tongue:


True! I have this often! Some periods go great and I get a lot of customers who leave a review and sometimes… i dont.


I don’t like buyers who don’t review…


You should like them, because:

  1. they’ve given you work, they’ve chosen You among all sellers, which you should be grateful for considering how many complain on the forum that they don’t have work

  2. they could’ve chosen not to leave a review to save you the hassle of a bad review (some buyers prefer not to rate instead of giving a lower rating, especially if they see everyone else liked your work :wink: )


That changed my perspective :smiley: I love them now…


I’ve made 300+ gig purchases this year, and although I have left a review every time - because I have a great relationship with the people I deal with and I know it matters a lot to them - I really wish I didn’t have to bother. It takes time, it’s hard to come up with something original to say, and the system makes it harder than it needs to be.

But I agree. I get bummed out when someone doesn’t rate me, especially if it was a big job.


I also get reviews when I work good.