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From 82% to 100% order completion rate

About 35 days ago i had a very low order completion rate for which i was too scared that i might also get demoted to Level 0.
However, before the evaluation i got a lot of knocks from buyers before 15th and could make it to 92% [ I AM SAVED FROM DEMOTION :smiley: ]

Then eventually all my order cancellations expired and i made sure that none of my future orders are cancelled and today all stats are 100% !!!

  • Work hard, listen to clients properly , question them if you are not sure about a particular point , deliver timely , be polite and there you go… NO cancellations , no negative ratings , no late responses :smiley:

Good like to all freelancers like me :smiley:

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Congrats! a motivational story for the ones going through a moment like that.


Nice and Congress :slight_smile:


That’s great its right you will not losing if you try hard…:hugs:

From 82% to 92% , how many orders u have to completed dear, may I know?

Well done. Great job

congratulation bro…
i also this type seller but today is very difrante ,
my ratting is 5 star i am vry happy

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thanks @gabrielavila96

Thanks a lot @Irfanpro

Great to know as we match!!! :smiley: @sanjay786974103

@abusufianwebdev well i will have to check but it actually varies, there is this last 60 days stats which is directly dependent on it