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From a 50$ per month hobby to a full time job - 8 years of Fiverr


Hi there!

My name is Andrei and my story begins in December 2011, when I discovered Fiverr by accident and I had just bought a new laptop for university. At that time, I was starting to discover the world of Photoshop and also video editing, but I had a really basic knowledge. I still remember the first gig I created: “I will make a cool banner for 5$”. I still have it on my profile, but I don’t get orders anymore. I just keep it now to remind myself of where I started. I think I made around 50$ in my first month, which really amazed me back then, considering I made no advertisements and I wasn’t a professional designer at the time.

I started my Multimedia Design education early in 2012 and continued with Fiverr on the side, but it was never a full-time job, I’ve always seen it like a hobby and a place where I could experiment and learn by trial and error what I was learning in school and by watching tutorials. I was adding a few more gigs and while spending less than an hour per day working, I was earning on average 200$ per month,
I even got to buy a high-end laptop as my first expensive purchase from Fiverr money. That’s when I realized that I can make this my main source of income in the future if I put more time and effort.

In the same time, I started getting more proficient with video editing and working in After Effects and that’s when I came up with a cool idea of making audio react videos, a niche that wasn’t so competitive back in 2013. That gig worked amazing for me and slowly I was getting more popular on Fiverr, with more and more orders.

As my university courses and exams got a bit stressful and afterward taking on a few internships as a Digital Designer, I had to put Fiverr aside for a quite extensive period (one year and something) and when all of that was done, I got back on Fiverr, but my sales we’re really slow. That was a turning point in my early designer career, cause I was torn between getting a full-time job as a designer at an agency or try to work as a freelancer online. I kinda hated the idea of a 9 to 5 job and being stuck with projects I perhaps wouldn’t like doing so I said I will give freelancing a try for a few months and if I can live out of it, I’ll keep pursuing that. I kept grinding, put new gigs online, updated the older ones, did buyer requests, had some days when I wanted to quit and find a real job, but my dream of working remotely and doing only the projects I like more, kept me going.

Well, fast forward to the present day, it’s been exactly 1 year and 2 months now, since I have lived only out of the income from Fiverr. Last week, I also passed the income threshold needed to become a Top Rated Seller and fortunately I will become one this year.

It’s been amazing to realize that I could travel all across Europe, buy the things I need and want, do lots of amazing things with my friends while only working on average 3-4 hours a day. I’m also planning to start a Youtube channel with Photoshop/After Effects tutorials, had the channel since 2013, but was too lazy to do more content.

I think the most important thing to take out of my story, would be to find something that you’re really passionate about, learn it well, surround yourself with people that share your passion and focus on doing what you love at all times. This will help you go through the stressful times more easily. You might not be successful straight away, but after many trials and errors, I’m sure you will get there eventually.

Thanks Fiverr for being the medium I needed to sharpen my design skills and for saving me from a boring 9-5 job. Also thank you (the reader) for taking a few minutes from your time to read my short (long) story. I’d be more than happy to answer your questions if you have any.



Good best of luck in your career .


Wow! This is really a great story.
I too wish to make a full time income from Fiverr and your story was really an inspiration to me just now. Sometimes we are so consumed with our problems around us that we forget why we do certain things and reading your post has just reminded me that there is light at the end of my tunnel and I too shall come out at the top with hard work, perseverance and dedication.
I really hope it doesn’t take 8 years though. lol.
Congratulations on your success and achievements.
Have a great day!


Thanks for your nice comments. I’m happy if my story inspired you and hopefully it gave you some extra motivation.

You don’t need 8 years to achieve your goals, in my case I got really serious with working on Fiverr only about 2 years ago, so it can be slower or faster, just be persistent!


Thank you! Likewise!


All the best to you. :smiley:




Hi Mr. Andrei, Congratulations on your achivements on Fiverr for being a Top-rated seller which I myself admired so much.

But I would be very much happy if you can answers some of the few questions I’ve got for you sir:

  1. What are the major challenges you’ve had working your way up from a new seller to being a top-rated seller today?
  2. Is this the only account you’ve created on Fiver platform since you’ve joined since 2011? If yes, how did you managed not to be banned from fiverr for violating any of their TOS?
  3. How do you create relationship with buyers and have 5 star reviews always?
  4. How do you feel when you become a top-rated seller?
  5. If at all, can you share me the “Congratulation message as being one of the Top-rated Seller” Fiver sent to you (Just for motivation, nothing else sir)
  6. As a top-rated seller now, I know that you’ll have many projects to do at all time. How did you manage to manage multiple projects together?
  7. Do you ever think it’s possible for someone to walk his/her way up to a top-rated seller without actually having a full knowledge of what his rendering?



Beautiful… This really inspired me. Thanks for sharing.


thanks a lot for sharing. I’m more interested to know about the challenges you face in Fiverr and how do you overcome those.


Awesome piece of writing.


Great story, success is not overnight. Very inspirational. :partying_face:


Trully amazing! Very inspiring story.


too much motivation over here :muscle: :fire: