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? from a Book Cover Buyer

Why do some artists show pix of famous books’ original covers on their pages. ie Harry Potter actual cover.
Is this to show that their work looks like this? I thought the pix on their pages were samples of their on work.


It is against fiverr rules. I can’t believe they would post Harry Potter cover in their gig. I’m still new seller here and so far I have read here on forum that some people who do this get warnings from fiverr.


Thank you, architect18, I wondered about that. I avoided those gigs, because I just couldn’t make sense of them. There are other famous classic titles such as Tom Sawyer with a cover I have not seen before, that I guessed was an example of the artist’s work on a well known story.


You did the right thing. Avoid them. And your are right, again. They use famous classic titles to capture attention of buyers, I guess. All the best.

You did the right thing. As @architect18 said, putting imagens of jobs you didn’t actually do on your Fiverr’s portfolio is against ToS. Unfortunately, it seems some sellers keep doing it, they sometimes even steal imagens of other sellers and claim to be their own. But putting a Harry Potter cover is pushing it too much, I mean, who is going to believe that?

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I’m niew so haven’t explored everyone’s Gigs and what not here, I haven’t noticed anything like that. I too make cover designs as well as full book page layouts, but only for my own products. I haven’t advertised my skills at that yet, and I may not do so, because I’m here to get gigs for making maps, even though I have many other skills, experiences and talents.

Just sellers trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes I think!