From a buyer posting a gig request- THIS is perfect


OK so I have complained on here about the BAD responses and this one is a positive one. I posted a gig request for simple changes made to my header and the template (joomla) i use.

In a couple responses I get one from a seller (not sure if I can mention them here or not) who I sent a screen shot of my header with changes I needed, the site url and another site for reference url. Within the hour he responds back. I look at his profile- he works on designs in Joomla (has a gig for it), listed 4 hour response time, great reviews, and I see some things I could use his assistance on with other projects. He is professional and gets to the point, tells me hes taken a look at the site and its 5 changes so 5 gigs at $5 for $25. Its his local time 9pm and he can work on it in the morning his time. He also mentions an issue on the site he saw as well (which is great to hear- not the problem but the fact that he took the time to notify me of it).

Exactly what I talk about when in regards to a gig request. Hes professional, he knows the platform, does the work, responded fast and with a time he could do the work and a price for services in one message.

As a buyer I never expected someone to change the header for $5. He responded exactly as I could have wanted with 5 changes for $5 a change for $25 total. Also because of professionalism as a seller, when I need other work done I feel confident not having to post a request and can just contact him for similar work I need.


Congratulations! I hope you post again when the work is done. (Keep your fingers crossed, just in case.) I think it’s allowed to name people to compliment them, just not to criticize.


Reply to @itsyourthing:

Thanks! This is the first one I can say I feel comfortable with as its what I was looking for.

I think most sellers have me wrong on my other thread in regards to how programming works. IF you have someone unfamiliar with a platform or language, it WILL take them longer that it doesnt make it feasible to ask someone to do it at a low rate. For people experienced in it, this is where they can usually login, change something very fast and logout. Having the expertise in it makes a big difference. Some people seem to think they can work on one thing, they must be able to work on another. Error lines are often associated the same in similar platforms. Being that if someone was working on opencart for example, and said they got a particular error- I have probably seen the same error 50 times due to my experience with it. SO for me to jump in and add a line of code I have done 50 times already is a couple mins. For someone who has never seen it and expects “well I’ll just jump in and say I can fix it but ask for alot of money since I dont know it” isnt acceptable in most cases.

And whether you need html, php, or a quick database fix, an apple is an apple. The wrong thing can destroy your site. Theres no (as one person stated) “close to it”. For that purpose I had to do full backups of the sites in the event someone does do that lol. And that would cost me alot of time for me to go back and fix.


I’m the one that said sellers try to (hopefully) push “close enough”. :slight_smile:

I totally get whet you’re saying, I really do. But dang, my stomach clenched up when I read “opencart”. If my assumption is even close to accurate that you want to outsource overflow work, please, please, be super-careful if there’s any commerce involved. That kind of security can’t be chanced. Yeah, I know you know what you’re doing, but credit card data in the hands of a Fiverr ‘expert’, gulp. I hope you found a genuine pro.