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From a Fiverr dummie!

I came to Fiverr because I needed a logo for a club I was starting. I paid for it but now I don’t know if I can use it on goods produced by my friend who has a printing company, or use it on advertising and promotional products without causing a legal problem. The logo doesn’t come out clear when I tried to copy and paste it (to keep a copy of it in my “pictures” folder on pc.) Who do I call to answer these questions?

As long as you ordered from a reputable seller who produces quality logos from scratch I think whatever he submitted to you can be used in any way you like. You paid for it! There are also some sellers who have this “exclusive copyrights” extra where they can sign a form to prove that all rights are yours (but really only some sellers do this as I noticed)… But then again, how are we ever sure that’s the seller’s real name? He/She can call himself John Doe from Australia but really he is James Smith from America…

But there are things mentioned in the forum and I think in the TOS that states anything you buy from Fiverr right after it’s paid for and delivered is already yours.

But just to be really sure about everything, send a ticket to Fiverr --> Customer Support … They’re the ones with the best and useful answers and will most likely give a solution to your problem. Just wait a day or two, depends on how busy they are but they do reply. If they don’t just keep following up… :slight_smile:

Did you actually “download” the file for the logo that you ordered? Or did you just use “preview image” andjust copy and paste that?

Go back to your delivery page and scroll down to the bottom and see about actually downloading the file.

Also, when you ordered the gig, what does the gig description say for what kind of file you get. Does it say you get a high resolution file? Or just a low_res jpeg?

Anoher thing I am wondering is if the work was officially completed. Some sellers send you a low res sample of the project asking if it is to your liking. Then you can tell them if you want any revises or if you like it and approve it, then they will oficially deliver the work and the proper file.

And you should contact the seller to ask any questions about this stuff on how to have a high resolution file of it if you have any other questions.

And what do you mean by “legal problems”? Does the gig you bought say that you have to also buy a commercial rights license?

And one last thing I thought about. IT is possible that it is a high res file, but it is too small for the products you want to print on. For example if you want to print something on a coffee cup that is dfferent then if you want to print it very big on a T-Shirt, and you need to let the seller know that so they can give you the right file sizes.