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From a new buyer

Hi all, I am new to fiverr, on the hunt for a logo for my cattle ranch. I’ve worked with two artists so far and have been really disappointed. The first artist had lots of questions - what was my business like? were there certain colors I wanted in the logo? - I suggested he take a look at some photos of the breed of cattle we raise (they’re fawn colored beef cattle), and told him a few important colors. The logos I got back had nothing to do with the questions he asked me. The colors I’d hoped for weren’t in a single one of his designs, and the cows looked like black and white spotted Holsteins, typcal dairy cattle.

I know it might seem like I’m splitting hairs, but if your client is a bread baker and you give her a logo covered in wedding cakes, that’s not suitable, right? If it was on me to communicate my wishes more clearly, please, sellers, let me know!

(And if any of you artists reading this are inspired by the idea of coming up with a logo for me, please say something! I promise I’m not a jerk.)

You got the old Holstein because that’s what the average person thinks of when you say “cow”, and there’s probably a neat template just like your logo out there. Not an exact rip-off, just modded enough. That’s what I’m feeling, considering that you did apparently answer his questions re: color.

In no logo designer but i would think the most important question would be about the application. If a logo is to be used on a website then it can be as complicated and fancy as you like. But if you also plan to use the logo on packaging, a more complicated logo might increase the packaging price and the print size might also be limited. Then there is engravings on products, laser cutting and a bunch of other possible ways to apply a logo to products, signs and such.

Strange to ask those questions then not follow with the answers. And while I agree with mgjohn78, that those questions are important, I think you do need to ask both. You can often convert a “complicated” logo into a simple outline for printing :slight_smile: Or offer varying versions.

I totally see what you’re saying, but I did send him a link to photos of our cows? Should I have done that differently?

Thanks, I will keep that all in mind :slight_smile:

Good idea! Thank you!