From Adsense to Fiverr


Used to earn $5000 per month from Blogging but due to some reasons I had to leave it. For 2 years my minimum earning was $5000 per month. Now its has been 6 months on Fiverr and I am happy that I have earned average $500 per month.

However my question is can I rely on Fiverr as the lifetime job or not? I am 19 years old. My dream was to setup a venture as I was earning plenty from blogging but dreams broke. I have joined college so what are your suggestion on carrying life further?


Nothing in life lasts forever or is guaranteed, companies come and go!

You should never rely on one source of income… Line up a few eggs in your money making basket - multiple streams of income is always better than one. I work, go to college and do other business ventures. It’s all about time management, being a savvy businesswoman, multitasker and drinking loads of green :tea: and latte :coffee: etc. I don’t sit on my hands and wait for handouts or favors, I make moves like BOSS CHICK!

That’s for you to decide, we cannot give you a map on how to follow the yellow brick road like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Step outside of your comfort zone, figure out what you’re passionate about etc. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? You’re 19 years old these are questions you need to ponder.


You’ve already discovered that putting all your eggs in one basket doesn’t work - why would you do the same thing again?

Don’t be daft - when I was your age, the internet didn’t exist, never mind Fiverr - we were still using tin cans and bits of string - okay, semaphore and morse code.

Nothing stays the same - ever. If I can grasp that at my age, then you must be able to as well. I’ll bet you half the jobs that will be around in 10 years time haven’t even been given a name yet.

Diversify - get a 9 to 5 job if you have to (perish the thought!) and do side hustles as well - not just 1, but 3, 4, or 5 - you’ll soon have so much money you can retire early!

Good luck! :rofl:


You answered your own question, you can´t rely on anything. There always can be some reasons.

Finish college (if you have to or can keep working on Fiverr or do some other part-time job or business while not neglecting your studies, do that) with as good marks as you can possibly get, get a good job and work on Fiverr, or try to get rid of those reasons and earn $5000 per month from blogging again, combine whatever you can combine, while not forgetting your physical and emotional wellbeing and that you might just live once and keep evolving.