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From almost broke to $30K a month! Just because of fiverr!


May be its too late to share the story but I believe, it will inspire someone who is expecting something from fiverr.

I am from India. When I was 5, my father died in Cancer & my mother had gone through a lot of struggle to raise me & my sister. Though her average salary is equivalent to $150/month, she has provided the best possible environment. When I was in college, she lost her job due to very bad heath conditions. There was few thousand dollars (equivalent in our currency) with her and she gave me tat money to start my business.

Well, I was in this internet marketing & service providing field from early 2011. I struggled in my business & was in huge debt… I had lost almost all my money & there was less than $200 in my currency in my family account combined! Yes, WE WERE BROKE.

At that time, I had opened my fiverr account & started setting “banner design service”, I got 3 sales on my first day that is January 17, 2013. In couple of months it reaches to $2000… I got hope again… I got equivalent income for next few months. After that I have started to enhance my fiverr business. We are from India, lifestyle over here is not that high. Even $1K/month can be considered as good income if one is not in metro cities… I can hire very affordable services from local market to enhance my business. Due to which, I was started to earn around $8000 - $8500/month…

Mean while in November 2014, I got married & bought a new car too. All expenses are managed by fiverr!! Story doesn’t end here. I have started to enhance my fiverr business even further from initial time of 2015 & I was able to make $15000 on average from fist 3 to 4 months… Right from this point, my logo design gig is on the top of entire category in “High Rating”. It was on 1st position when we open subcategory page. Then I have bought a corporate office, having capacity of 60 professionals along with my executive class chamber.

And in last 4 months I have made $115K+ EXCLUSIVELY because of fiverr! (after deduction of 20% of fiverr, without deduction, it can be $144K+)

I am leaving a better lifestyle, getting experience of managing a growing company, doing what I love & still getting paid better than ANY JOB that I can get. Even this is better than any job that my friends have in USA as software developer from 3 years.

Yes, this not impossible. If you are on fiverr, you can do it. Fiverr has given me the opportunity of lifetime. I am 25 years old & if everything will go as per expectation, in next 5 years, I can build an empire in service providing sector in India. And this all is because of fiverr. If fiverr won’t there, I don’t know what I would become. Thank you fiverr for being a part of my business.




That’s called success :slight_smile: you worked hard and now you’re here . Goodluck for more :slight_smile:

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@gigblast you are a real hero man. Well done. I earned my first $1000 dollars with fiver too and I am hoping for better to come with the great support and help of fiver. I am fighting these days with my financial situation but still very optimistic that I will make it through soon. Good like Fiverrs and thanks Fiverr!

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Reply to @dukanu: Yeah, and being an art director/graphic designer is much harder than being a copywriter. Copywriters only have to imagine things and put it into words. Artists have to create it on paper. Maybe he has tricks we don’t know about. For example, I know that “How to” headlines are powerful, but if I get hired to write headlines and every headline begins with “How to,” my buyers will be pissed off. I assume it’s the same with logo design, people want to be surprised. How long does it take you to design a logo?

I remember almost 100+ comments & few of them are from you…
I can’t see anything now!
Do you know what happened?

LOL I wondered why this brag was back on top. I think Fiverr is still re-uploading comments from the ‘old’ forums. Missing your ego-stroking fanclub?

Wow, that’s incredible! :smiley:

Some comments did not survive import, but on “story” posts they are usually just congrats mixed in with spam and people asking for help. Don’t worry about it, just enjoy the success. You could answer the question from @fastcopywriter to round it out, though. :slight_smile:

WOW, congratulations! That’s a lot of money anywhere you live to be making that much online. Good for you!

That is super awesome!


God bless.

congrats! what an inspiration. I don’t do logo designs but Ido alot of company or logo adverts. I offer my service and give 300% for my clients. I hope to achieve even half of what you have accomplished here as well

well done!

Inspired me lot bro.Hope to achieve this goal someday :slight_smile: : ) :slight_smile:

Incredible post. Absolutely powerful testimonial and tremendous determination on your part. I salute you and look forward to chasing my dreams and goals in the light that you have.


Remain bless in the months ahead. Great Achievement!!!

Wao !! Great Achievement Really !! Congrats with our Heart!! Best of Luck for your bright future.

I am also love fiverr and i hope fiverr change my life :slight_smile:

Wow! That’s interesting. I am very happy for you. Wish you the very best in future to come.

Email your story to Fiverr to add on their blog!
What an achievement!

OMG that’s is so good that even though you were in debt you still persevere and look at you now. All the best.

very impressive bro…