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From Best Month Ever ($13.000) to Being Pushed to Last Page (ZERO messages)

I’ll start with a little preface.

I’ve been selling on Fiverr since 2015. And I had nothing but a positive experience so far. I slowly and steadily grew my income. I still remember getting my first order. It was $15, but I was so excited. I quickly learned my level 2 badge. I was even selected for the Fiverr Seller Succes Program. I got to work with an advisor one on one, and I have nothing but good things to say about Chris, the guy I was assigned to.

I managed to break 6 figures for the first time in my career last year. I was thrilled. I was doing work I like, and I was getting paid more than I ever imagined. I tried using the ads feature, and the initial impression was excellent. I was getting 5-8X on my investments. That’s an incredible ROI.

I broke my monthly income in February this year. I earned a bit over $13.000, which is still unbelievable to me.

But then, something changed.

I had no negative reviews. No warnings. Nothing that doesn’t happen all the time.

Without reason, my promoted gigs got marked with “Not Promotable (Unqualified)”. And at the same time, my impressions plummeted to basically zero. Here’s the screenshot of what was my most successful gig.

I contacted customer support and got the same answer most people receive. There’s nothing they can do. They said my gigs are all live. The only problem was they were all sitting on the last page.

I read stories here where people got their ads disabled, and at the same time, their impressions fell to zero.

I’m always keeping an eye on other successful gigs in my category - brand names and slogans. And it seems that a lot of successful sellers got pushed back to the last page. There was a handful of us that occupied the first page, but none of us are to be seen as of lately. Instead, there are gigs with awful grammar and stock images sitting on the first page. The only sellers that didn’t get affected are pro sellers.

I understand that there’s gig rotation. And I have no problem with that. Everyone deserves a chance. But I don’t understand why gigs with bad rankings outperform gigs with great rankings. Plus, Fiverr earns more if we earn more. And Fiverr has less trouble if customers leave the platform happy that they got great work for their money.

And I don’t think this is gig rotation. Gig rotation would imply that individual gigs get impacted. But in my case, all gigs went to the last page, at the same time. My whole profile was impacted.

I still have hope this thing will get sorted.

I took the time and updated all my gigs. That’s something I’ve been planning for months.

Did someone else go through the same problems? Do you have any advice to share?

Is there anything else I can do?



Did you update your Gigs before this tumble or after? I am guessing you did it after the way you have written your post.

When you were what sounds like, extremely busy during your 13k month, did you either limit how many orders your Gigs got, Pause or put any Gigs out of office? I am just trying to brainstorm here why your Gigs have basically fallen off a cliff.

Yes, common sense tells you that if someone is making 13k in a month, which means Fiverr gets $2600, that they would continue to promote those Gigs. Promoting Gigs with bad grammar, reviews or clones of other Gigs is nonsensical. Also, if you made 13k, why on earth would your Gigs be taken off the promotion opportunity.

I know you are not going to get a straight answer from Fiverr, as anyone who has asked about this prior, does tend to get the same form letter saying they rotate Gigs.

Since you did edit your Gigs, there may be a gap of time before they would get back to where they were or at least close to it - but you likely already know that. I doubt that editing was your problem though when it comes to your Gigs taking a tumble.

I hope Gigs like yours that have a product people like and want will get back to where they belong!

Oh, and congrats on a 13k month! That is just amazing!



You have been a far more successful seller than me, so congratulations!

In my own way I’ve enjoyed moderate success, but I have deliberately limited the time I invest in Fiverr for the very reason that you have encountered - far too much is beyond the seller’s control.

Not only is too much beyond the seller’s control, but due to the way that Fiverr run their mighty algorithm no one knows what impact certain actions will have on their account. As a seller, this is an impossible situation to manage.

While Fiverr remains my preferred platform, no seller can base a full-time business around something they cannot effectively control. It would be madness. One moment you can have everything, and the next nothing. Whereas my approach is to use Fiverr to ‘top up’ my earnings - and to ride the highs and lows of orders over the months.

It’s sad that Fiverr promotes the platform as a lifestyle way to run a freelance business, while at the same time it appears to refuse to acknowledge that it’s own volatile algorithm means that some sellers can effectively go out of business overnight.

The on / off nature of how Fiverr promotes gigs and the secrecy around how certain basic actions such as editing a gig will have on gig placement, means that for me at least, I cannot consider investing too much time in attempting to make Fiverr a serious living. It’s useful as a top up if you accept it’s limitations - but beyond that, no.


So sorry to hear about your predicament Matija.

There is always a “reason” for Fiverr to push successful gigs down.

It’s never random, and although gig rotation is a thing, it wouldn’t have affected you, since your gig was soaring.

I am writing a post I am hoping to publish today, that will shed some light on Fiverr’s updated system.

I think you will find it helpful.


I also facing this issue with in 1 year


Nope, I didn’t do any changes. Plus, I don’t think that changing your gig affects your rankings as much as some people think. I tinkered with prices, packages, and descriptions during last year and I never noticed this having any real impact on my rankings.

The thing that doesn’t makes sense is why a lot of us seemed to get pushed back.

And thanks for the great wishes.


Thanks Frank.

I understand that this isn’t random and that there had to be a trigger. But that’s hard to understand from my point of view. No negative reviews, no warnings, no nothing. Yet I had bad experiences in the past and that never really impacted my rankings.

And I would understand if one of the gigs got pushed back. But it’s my whole profile.

What really makes no sense is that most of the top sellers in the category got pushed back. It’s not just me. You can go to the business names and slogans category and check the gigs ranking on the first page. There are a few pro gigs. But the rest is made of questionable gigs with very poor grammar and filled with stock photos.

But I know firsthand that there are excellent sellers that used to rank next to me.

It’s hard to rely on Fiverr with things like that. I was on podcasts and always recommend Fiverr as a great option for sellers. But I’m not sure what to think now based on the latest events…


Yes , most people think its gig rotation but in reality its complete profile rotation . Facing similar issue from almost 2 months and have received 0 new messages since then . Do not know how to rank it back up


I will check it out, but please keep in mind:

What you see in your browser in terms of position/placement is not accurate.

You can no longer just search for your gig or in your niche and see what’s actually going on.

It’s part of the “Fiverr 3.0 update” and this new version came out late last year.



I understand that I’m only seeing my version of the results.

I look forward to reading about Fiverr 3.0.

You said this update took place late last year. Would it be possible that it took a few months for my profile to get affected? Everything was normal until the start of March.

Do you have any tips for me? What would you do in my place?


That’s a place I find myself in every 2-3 months or so.

The good thing about this new version of Fiverr’s algo, is that it’s relatively simple to get back on the wagon: all you need is a small spark. A prospect’s message converted into a sale is the most effective way.

At least in theory.

If your gig is “all that” you will get back on track by just showing Fiverr you can still perform.

I understand this is very general in terms of advice and it goes without saying that I can’t actually guide you through this, as I don’t know what your performance looks like now and what the original trigger was.

As I write this post, I am actually in “Fiverr jail” as my past 14 days were not what Fiverr wanted to see in terms of performance.

I will try to dive deep into this on my post.


With me, after one month the promoted gig became promotable again… the impressions returned in just 1/3 that was before… i hope that the impressions come back.

The rotation should be made in the gigs and not in the account, or move the position page per page… not just move from the Page X to the last page.

I think that is something about the conversion rate… (i’m not sure…) the sellers often receive messages from buyers that don’t read the things expecting that you do something when you don’t. Example: A Seller that write script for videos, receiving request to edit videos. “This kindy of lead never will be converted by this seller.”

But this is a important thing to be discussed as no one want be affect like this way, “like a punishement”… is really strange a gig that was improved by years be replaced for a gig without the expected quality… at this point all you can do is what is on your hands, continue working and providing even more quality.


This is the first time I’m facing this.

I figured it would help if I contacted a few people that contacted me but didn’t order for some reason. I managed to get a few conversions this way but I’m not seeing any results yet.

I do believe things will turn around eventually. Patience is virtue they say. :grinning:

Let me know when you publish the article. You can use me as an example if it helps.


Thanks for sharing your experience.

I do hope that things get close to normal. It’s hard to do great work if you’re not getting any orders. :joy:

Was there something you did that made your gigs promotable again?


You really shouldn’t do that.

It’s against Fiverr’s ToS and it may get you in real trouble.

Anyone who contacted you initially but decided not to purchase from you, can report you for unsolicited communication.

It works in the real world (retargeting) but on Fiverr it won’t end well.


I know that. I contacted people that contacted me in the last two weeks that ended the conversation with something like “I’ll get back to you when I do this”… or something like that.

I didn’t go spamming people that decided not to order.

I went back to active conversations.


No, I just received the notification


Did same thing and had few conversion’s that way too but still did not rank up . How can you convert new clients if there are 0 messages from new clients .


you are not alone. too many senior sellers face this issue the same day as you did. all of my gig rankings dropped exactly the same day as yours. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Mar and everything is becoming almost 0.
we have a few common things.
joined 2017, completed over 7k orders, I was also assigned an adviser. I earn a lot with promoted gig but on 1st Mar my gigs were “Not Promotable (Unqualified)”. my gig has the highest amount of reviews in my entire category and still, I am on the 10th page since 1 March.


Thanks for sharing this.

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but I believe it’s a good thing this happened to many of us. This means we weren’t penalized, but there seems to be some sort of a bug with the latest Fiverr update. I guess this will get sorted in time. It sucks, it really does, but I’m sure we’ll bounce back in time.

Let me know if you find a solution or if any of tour gigs start getting momentum back.