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From Best Month Ever ($13.000) to Being Pushed to Last Page (ZERO messages)

Thank you for your comment !! @andywarburton

I suggest you take the time to go and read The Culture Map by Erin Meyer. It’s really interesting and talks about the differences in cultures. Some people are happy to leave a negative review, but others would never criticise someone in public. Sure it’s possible to have negative public reviews but they would also have negative private reviews too. Yet time and time again we see people who are doing great, have great response rates, great review scores but somehow they vanish from the listings for no good reason. The only thing left that can be impacting ranking is the private reviews.

Of course… none of us have any evidence. We can’t have. It’s all behind the scenes at Fiverr and they’re never going to tell us how they rank things because the first thing everyone would do is try and game it!


I actually think that while Fiverr will never tell us the exact formula, through simple observation one can uncover a large piece of the puzzle.

You are correct when saying that public reviews don’t matter anymore.

Private reviews outrank them now when your efficiency is calculated.

However, it’s not something Fiverr is “holding against you”. Fiverr is trying to find out who is performing well based on the criteria that they themselves have set for the platform.

There was one tidal shift, so obvious and yet very few have caught on thus far.

I think it’s because everyone is obsessed with “ranking” and how they “lost” their placement.

The game has changed considerably. And Fiverr’s only fault is not clueing us in.


Or it might be the best thing they are doing right now.

Would you imagine how many sellers would try to game the system, knowing how it works? It’s better this way, honestly.

As for private reviews, it’s hard to tell whether they are more important than public reviews. I am pretty sure public reviews are still very important, since most of these people that complain about being deranked tend to have a negative review or two within the past 2 months. But then again, who knows.

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You are looking at this the wrong way:

as those sellers who got a negative public review, most definitely also got a scathing private one as well.

Private reviews now weigh more than public ones. At least for this new performance calculator anyway.

As for my quote above: I didn’t mean that Fiverr should tell us how things work.

But the thing they changed is pretty important and they should have told us about this drastic change in performance calculations.

I am talking about something very specific, that I have hinted at multiple times via my posts.

P.S. I’m sorry I had to edit my reply as wording seemed a bit too harsh after reading it.


You can change your delivery time of your gig whenever you want by editing the gig. There’s no backlash. But I mean for new orders, not changing it the delivery time of open orders unless absolutely necessary.

Very similar case here

That has happened to me too. I was “out of office” for four days and then I didn’t had any buyers for 2 weeks!

It’s relieving to see that you’ve bounced back as I’m facing a similar issue. I was faced with an accidental warning and demotion and my sales have tanked since then.

Although my impressions and clicks are the usual.

I think I’m being sent low quality traffic that arne’t as likely to convert because my gig is now seen as low value.

I say this because the only buyers I get are people who’s previous buys are from low ranking sellers or ar new to the site. I get no top buyers or VID’s anymore which was the bulk of my customers.

I think this too because when I search for a gig in a similiar category I’ve bought before, all the top rows are high ranked sellers. So it’s like fiverr sees I’m likely to buy. based off my buying habits, so gives me the best sellers.

However, when I search for soemthing I’d never even consider buying, all the top rows are lower ranked buyers. So it’s like they are like… this person is not likely to buy, lets send them to the low ranking sellers so where not wasting our good leads on sellers that are more likely to cancel or give customer a bad experience.

It would make sense for fiverr to do this to ensure they are not wasting their good leads (that are determined of buying habits) on people that are more likely to lose the sale or put the buyer off the site.

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Yeah I agree. The algorithm change makes sense and is fair imo, more so than the SEO approach. But they really should have told us. If they told us these new metrics changes it would have pushed many sellers to improve their performance in the areas changed to stay on top, overall increasing customer satisfaction. And there’s so many sellers that won’t have seen your thread and still don’t know about the changes. So yeah they’ve made the changes but they’ve missed a huge benefit they could have gained by telling sellers this - incentivizing them to improve on the new metrics.

I wish there was some kind of counter to track these new metrics like we currently have with completion rate etc. Or at least some kind of “ranking level” that we can work towards improving. It would give us something to aim for and constantly improve upon, rather than just seeing our sales tank and not knowing why. I’d like to think fiverr would want to see their sellers try to improve their satisfaction rate and performance, and by giving them something to go off, they know exactly how to improve. It would also save the thousands of customer support tickets they must get that are like “why isn’t my gig isn’t ranking anymore” etc.

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It finally bounced back and is holding steady after making sure to regularly respond to everything very quickly, including revisions! Average response time is now about 1 hour. Fiverr likes quick responses for sure! Good to know that it’s something you can recover from overtime, thank goodness!


well I am not alone my sales are also went down since beginning of April
hope everything will be back to normal

almost 10k impression to 0 feels bad :cry: Had 4 orders in queue that’s why I thought to be reason but still decreasing after delivering all of them, it’s no avail. :yawning_face:

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I have the exact same problem. I sell on fiverr since 2015. I am a level 2 seller with more than 2000 reviews. All my stats are 100%. I have no cancelations or warnings. My gigs are some of the best selling on their categories and used to be on first pages. But for the last year or so, all my gigs moved to last pages, under gigs with no or bad reviews. Every several months, my gigs may appear back on first pages, where they deserve to be, but they stay there only for 3 days maximum. Last time this happened was about a month ago, when I was invited in promoted gigs feature. Then, after 2 days my gigs were not qualified to promote anymore and at the same time all my gigs moved to last pages again without having any change in my performance as a seller.

I just received this message as well (Not promotable (Unqualified)).

I’m one of the best sellers on my category, 8300+ reviews on my best gig, everything 100%, receiving messages and orders everyday, I forget the last time I received anything below 5 stars and now my gig is nowhere to be found.

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Same here I am facing this issues from Feb 1

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No ,

what I meant to say was , fiverr does not do gig rotation . They do complete profile rotation . All of your gigs go down to last page when you are in the rotation

So sorry, I faced also this type of issue, My gig down first page to last page

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