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From Brazil to Fiverr


Hello, everyone!

My name is Fernanda Lima, I’ve stumbled on Fiverr a while ago and decided to give it a try. It’s been a couple of months already and I’m very surprised with how far I’ve gone until now.

I still have a lot to learn but hard work is what makes things possible, I hope I can learn a lot from all of you and I’ll do my best to share the little experience I have.

Hope to make some good friends here :blush:


Hey fernanda,

I am new as well. Just like you. Exploring fiverr!.


Hey wasifgd!

I think you’ll like it here, I’ve been here for a couple of months and so far I’ve been doing pretty well :slight_smile:

How did you decide to become a freelancer?


I was working as design service provider in local markets but working online is way too good for me as I am good at dealing with designing but not much good at selling them online.

That’s why I am here at Fiverr giving me try to become a successful graphic designer and artist.

What about you?


Well, in my case, I’m a jobless college student in a new town haha

I thought I could use Fiverr as a way to make some extra money, but I’ve been doing pretty well here, I like the freedom that being a freelancer offers.

Nowadays I only offer translating gigs, but later on, I’ll also provide programming services.

I’m glad I’ve found this website, it’s a great place to start a career.

Well, just like you, I’m not so good at marketing my stuff either, but I guess we’ll learn eventually, right?


Absolutely. We will marketing strategies soon.

All we need to focus on producing professional and quality services.

Fiverr requires devotion. consistency and as well as patience too. Fiverr is pretty huge definitely it will help us all! To earn and to learn more!


But your profile is showing that you joined Fiverr on September 2015. I am assuming that you created the profile and didn’t want to go ahead… and now you are here again with full confidence and positiveness!
Great… Keep up the good work! :grinning::sunglasses:


One of your friends can be I :blush:!
Or Diskobot a robot:

Diskobot, Would you like to be a friend with Fernanda Lima?

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes


:grin: He is a robot, not a real person!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


No problem, I know. :slight_smile:


Exactly! I’ve only started using my account this year, I just made the account at first but didn’t create any gigs


Let’s all be friends haha
There’s room for everybody lol


Just like me. She did not work on her account.

I created my account on Fiverr last year but don’t know how to take the lead instead I became lazy and just leave it unattended. lolz :slight_smile:

However, now I working with devotion to be a successful seller here.


I have also registered my account with fiverr since 2012 but was never really into it but I’m glad about the time I re-activated because I would have got a lot of bad ratings/review back then *lol. Since I got back, its been really great tho.


Welcome and good luck :slight_smile:


Oi, Fernanda! :slight_smile: Part of the things you wrote, I could write as well. Good luck and much fun going ahead. :four_leaf_clover:


I guess all of us have a similar starting point here haha

Do you speak Portuguese as well?


Well, I guess it takes a while until we all decide to actually put in some work lol