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From first page first rank to last page last rank

Hello everyone,
All my gigs suddenly at last page.Past 2 week ago I got Level One Seller Seller tag and I was at top first page first rank on a particular gig. It’s being there for more than 2 week now. Someone should help me and let me suggest if any option to back my gig at fist page because I am not getting any order from last 2 weeks.

Thanks in advance.

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i am facing exact same issue. I have been on page 1 of best selling for over 3 years. Everything was going perfect, no issues, no warnings, stats were good. 2 months ago my gigs are gone to last pages of each category, without any reason. Now its been 2 months my gig comes back for few hours then disappears next day for few days, then same happens every other day.
CS doesnt give a crap and not bothered.

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