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From first rows of first page to last rows of last page!

Hello dear colleagues! I think some of you faced a similar issue: Absolutely all my gigs (translation, proofreading, voice over) fell in the search resuts from first rows of the first page to the last rows of the last pages, not a single gig coming after my gigs… There is some magnetic effect… This happened 3 days ago. I did two things: cleared cash on my browser + went offline for 30 min and then back online when not finding my gigs online…Then I found my gigs on the last pages, contacted Customer Team - only template messages about performance… And I have one buyer who ordered from me 2 months ago, but then said that he wanted to change the text, but still did not send a new one, so we keep extending time - maybe this is a reason? Order completion is 99% (just 2 cancellations in last 60 days) On-time delivery is 99% as well. No negative feedback in last 3 years. But if this was related to performance - why absolutely all gigs fell into last pages? All cancellations and late deliveries relate to my one gig (Russian-English translation because I have many orders for this gig and as a consequence there are some cancellations - last time it was because of a buyer - he ordered but did not provide text)
Has anyone faced it and did you get out of this bad situation and if so, how?


“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.”

This can be found here, in the second paragraph.

It’s also been observed that, even if they show in one place for you, they don’t necessarily show in the same place for others.


Your Gig is not Stable , Sometime You can Be in First Page First , sometime you got fiverr choice badge on your gig. sometime you cannot find your gig in first 5 page. its happen . because in fiverr algorithm every gig is shuffle in every min. Down Worry about that , Focus On your Order . hope for the best


The reality is that there are hundreds of thousands of gigs on Fiverr.

Voice over - 17,000+ gigs
Proofreading - 17,000+ gigs
Translation - 39,000+ gigs

Some truly oversubscribed services, such as anything to do with logos, have 200,000+ gigs.

It always amazes that sellers feel so aggrieved and surprised to discover their gig is no longer on the front page of results. Seriously - look at the competition you’ve got. Your three gigs are competing against over 70,000+ other gigs in the same fields as yours.

You’re not the only seller deserving of appearing on the front page of results. Count yourself lucky that your gigs have appeared so high up the search results until now. Now it is the turn of other sellers to enjoy this privilege.


I agree, no one will stay on the first page forever. But it seems that some people stick there for months without a problem, while others with perfect performance are pushed back.

They continually pushed me in and out of search, they left me a week and 2 days in search this time after 2 days last time, now they removed me from search again. So, if you work constantly, you will find yourself in and out of search all the time…


I did not mean that I appeared in the first rows when you searched for just translation… I meant English-Russian translation, English-Turkish translation, English-Azerbaijani translation… For example, among Eng-Rus gigs, my gig is the 5th when it comes to amount of reviews… 4th among Eng-Tur and 2nd among Eng-Aze… All this means guaranteed 1st page, but being not even on the second or third but on the latest row of the latest page is strange, and I think maybe there is some system mistake…

It doesn’t matter what page you were on. Fiverr periodically removes your gig from search so others can have a chance too.

I would say that system works exactly as intended.
I spent 3 months on the last page because of my performance, and CS confirmed it:

I understand your concern but keep in mind that now the search results of the Gigs are based on the performance of each seller. Since your performance has not been the best in the recent weeks, your Gigs have been placed in the last pages of search.

They will never share what triggers it, but I will never agree it’s a simple rotation.
There are invisible lines, which take you to the end of the list for a while as soon as you cross them.
One of the German translators was sent there for 3 weeks for canceling 3 orders at once.
I was there because of late orders.
We had a long thread a year ago, and in 99% of cases, there was a reason.

And yes, when you get there, all your gigs are affected.


That’s true. I haven’t received new clients for like 2 months despite being a TRS and maintaining excellent stats. Impressions, orders and everything is going down. Yes, I am in now-oversaturated Logo Design category. That wouldn’t be a problem but I have seen that some sellers in that category are on first page for months, year… whereas I can’t get to it despite all social media sharing, stats and being an old seller for 7 years now. I would not call that fair or ‘gig rotation’ thing.

I am back in the first rows, thanks guys for your answers that helps when being in a bad mood:)

Don’t know why you went offline. I’m always online, and my response rate is 4 hours on average. If you don’t want to be distracted by people messaging you, just close the X or disable the sound notifications.

That’s bad. I don’t ask for extensions unless the buyer has provided the information I need to revise his work. Keeping an order alive for 2 months isn’t something I would do. I want to close the order. Nowadays, having open orders seems to lower your ranking, it’s when you close them that you’re more likely to appear on the search results.

With that said, the algorithm can be cruel, it’s almost like a lottery. You think you’re gonna be on the first page forever, but you’re not. Maybe this is fair, to give other sellers a chance to shine.

I agree. I saw that too, as I get orders, they either push me back or remove from search. Usually the latter.

This week I was removed from search Tuesday, came back Thursday and then they removed me from search today again. So to be honest, it feels very random, as I did nothing other than deliver orders.

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Hey there, I have also the same problems since almost a month all my gigs went to the last page… Does everyone know how long does the gig rotation takes place in average

It varies. Some people were there for 2 months, others for 6 months. In my case, I got removed from search (not on last page, removed completely) and then brought back in the span of 7 days. So it varies a lot. I assume the more orders you do and the less cancellations and late orders you have, the faster you end up back. It all comes down to your performance and whether others outperform you and thus deserve a higher rank.

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ok thanks for your answers hopefully I will get somer drs to get push me back.

Has anyone tried to create a new gig? will it also on the last page or will it pushed in front?

There’s a thing called “Fiverr gig rotation”… This is the 4th or 5th topic I see these days about this…

Hey yeah we are talking about this “thing” here

I know. What I’m saying is… this forum is full of topics like this. Just yesterday I replied to a topic about gig ranking and gig rotations. I think we should all make researches and take a look at these topics before asking the same question over and over again. This Forum is filled with precious tips and information, people should just start searching for them

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