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From Fiverr - In Future, Certain Order Cancellations Will Not be Reflected in Level Requirements

I know that one of the biggest issues with the new, automated level system is with order cancellations that are not the seller’s fault impacting cancellation rates and resulting in demotions. I flagged this to my Fiverr contact earlier, and she had some excellent news, which I am sharing below.

One of our product managers shared right before the level system was active that certain cancellations will not be counted in the level evaluations. I am guessing that the ones who are still very concerned did not see this announcement, so I am pasting it here. :slight_smile:

"We have been listening to all of your feedback about Order Completion and appreciate your time and effort sharing it. We understand that there are some cancellations which cannot be avoided. currently, your analytics will continue to reflect all cancellations and in the near future, this will be updated. Orders which are placed by mistake and fraud orders will not be considered in the automatic demotion/promotion.

Additionally, if a competitive seller is attempting to negatively impact your cancellation rate, report that to Customer Support immediately. We will take the appropriate action and make sure that your account is protected from penalties."

I think this is awesome news, as I know it’s one of the bigger issues sellers have had with the new system. Hopefully, this planned future change will alleviate some of those concerns.


Now we just need some kind of confirmation that Fiverr will also start handing out compensation to cover the cost of all those anti anxiety meds… :slight_smile:


(I don’t really take drugs. I’m a smoker and we deal with stress just fine.)


now thats the most amazing news i ever heard since the new level system was introduced ! :smiley:


That’s great news. Of course, the question now is WHEN the implementation will begin. :slight_smile: Hopefully sooner rather than later.


Yes, that’s awesome.
But they have already wrote that to some of us 4 months ago and nothing has changed.
And I have a cancellation dated november 2017 which is still affecting my rating. If they are not able to fix this issue, I wonder how they will deal with different kinds of cancellations!

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Thank you god…!!!

Really?? So whats about this?