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From Fiverr's Choice to No Where in a Week!

I have been in Fiverr for quite sometime and going well till last month, until, I tried to change a bit of content in my gig, since then my gigs are not appearing anywhere in searches. Before that my gigs used to appear on top positions for same keywords

I contacted Fiverr’s Seller Support however, according to them its an automated system and it brings up gigs which are high quality, seller level, response time, rating etc… And they suggested me to raise this issue in Fiverr Forum!

I am level two seller, have completed good amount of orders, zero cancellations, have 4.9 rating, responds to customer quires in less than 30 minutes. I am not sure what else system needs. My services were selected as “Fiverr’s Choice” and now its no where. The sellers I can now see who rank are not rated ones with some of them have even copied my gig images :frowning:

Do we anyone in the forum who can help me on issue?