From happiness to sadness


I wrote on forum month ago that i had reached lvl 2 seller. And i was very happy. And now i dont have orders at all.

I wrote too that i added videos to my gigs and these actions stopped my sales. 0 sales for 2 weeks. I deleted videos and still 0 sales and new buyers.

My first month as lvl 2 seller is more worse than my first month at fiverr when i was a new seller. I really dont know what to do :confused: Total sadness.


Your recent delivery was 11 days ago. You have only been on Fiverr since June and you are a level 2 seller already. Think you just need to be patient. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


patient for what? if i got lvl2 seller within 3 months, it should increase my sales or even not ruin it, isn’t it? :frowning:

ps and my last deliveries were for my regular buyers.


Fiverr promoted you as a new seller when you started. You stood out when people search for new gigs. There were particular clients that were interest in using new people. When you move to level one, you are moved to a new category. you then had to compete with new people in the category. You also have a new clientele - people who are buying in level 1. Same with level 2.

I am not advising on changing rates but when I changed my rates, for the most part, the same customers didn’t start paying more, I changed to a different group of people that were interested in my services at that price point.

I would definitely use videos to show your personality and help people understand your unique offer. I have changed videos 3 or 4 times before I got it just right.

When there is multiple people in your category, Fiverr rotates exposure. You will notice a fluctuation in exposure throughout the month.

Having active orders will continue to help make your gig relevant to the search engine. Continue to keep direct sales in your queue. Continue to self promote and have real people you know order your gig.

Your gigs are focus on a specific editing needs or functions. If your clients do know a lot about graphics processing, they may not even realize that they could use what you offer. You could target a more generalized product like creating amazing motion pictures for facebook/social posts. Video/Text/Motion Ads for Facebook. Think of your particular customers and what they are looking for. Also pick customers that are spending alot of money frequently. These small business ventures will spend money because they are making money off of your product.

Interesting fact about Landon - I have been a TRS for a couple of years and my biggest sales month was while I was level 2.

Good luck.


You’ve reached a point where you HAVE regular buyers, so I don’t think you need to worry that much. There is a chance those regular buyers will be buying from you again, I believe???
Having that said, being a level 2 (or a TRS) doesn’t mean you will get orders automatically.
You’ll still need to reach out to buyers no matter what, plus 2 weeks of no sales is not that bad.


Be patient @toner2d, have your gig impressions, views and clicks increased or are they the same?


All true. Well said.


In October I was received 217 orders and in November the amount of order is less than 50 so far.also my gig position was 4 in category tree and now it’s on 11th place.So don’t be upset I saw more seller who have less orders in november than before wait and keep maintaining good work in future you will get huge amount of order :pray:
(Sorry for my bad English)


Fiverr does not guarantee that anyone will receive sales on this site, and they most certainly do not guarantee that you will have more orders at a higher seller level. Your success, and your level of sales depends upon your actions. Is your gig attractive and eye-catching? Are you marketing and promoting your gigs elsewhere? Are you reaching out to your target customers, appealing to their needs, and directing them toward your gigs?

Fiverr requires work. Sitting back and waiting for success is not a viable business strategy.


That is why I visit forum regularly. Everyday I learn new things and understand Fiverr better and better.


November is my biggest ever sales month crossed $500 in compare to regular average 200 barrier.


You and sparx_intros have some really cool stuff. I can’t believe how low your prices are for the quality of the stuff you offer. I’m glad I’m not in your category, having to compete against you. :slight_smile:


@selfors This is basic price buyer needs to order extra when they need custom animation sometimes it’s more than $100 for 1 order :slight_smile:


Yes that’s right for few seller November is great selling month but for me that’s not right in october my earning was $2500+ but in november it’s less than $800.I think you saw the differences :slight_smile:


The competition in category intro animation is very high.Many use non-original video presentations without the right to use it.I follow my competitors regularly.Any presentation I try to make it different, to have the greatest impact and attraction for buyers.You are one of my competitors, do not rely too much on a single gig in a single category.


@gogugmg I know that I see your gig daily :slight_smile: