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From Last 3 Days No Sale No Massage.. Biggest Issue Ever

I Don’t Know What Happening To Fivver Now These Day Especially from last 3 days … I’m not getting any message, no new buyer request…no order… :frowning:


Your recent delivery was 1 day ago. 3 days does not seem to be a very long time to be the “biggest issue ever” but this may be of interest to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


I agree, there are much larger problems in our lives that would qualify for “the biggest issue ever.” :wink:


Are you doing anything to earn your orders? Or are you just sitting back, waiting for your customers to somehow find you?

If you want new customers, and new sales, you’re going to have to reach out to them, and show them how you can solve their problems with the services that you offer.

There are no guarantees of sales here on Fiverr. You are going to have to earn your success.


Thanks for sharing that info Vickie!


My wife and I are facing the same issue here. It’s been a month or more with no sales after years of having approximately 5 orders daily :disappointed_relieved:

Topic - From Last 3 Days No Sale No Massage… Biggest Issue Ever

Only 3 days without a “massage” and your back is aching already?..JK

There are usually sale slumps. It happens to even the best of Sellers. Try and be pro-active about it and hopefully, you will get back on track.

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