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From last 3 years i did in my fiverr 300 usd only why?

Why I don’t know people are getting orders after joining recently. The same work I am doing did not rank for one day. Sellers are getting many massages and order more than one. I have not seen 3 orders in my life at a time.
See my gig

And let me know how can I improve?
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One question, and one question only:

Why would I trust you with login details to WP-Admin?

You’re just one among thousands here who use the word “expert” yet shows no signs of expertise.

Actually, I see the word “expert” but in my head it translates to something far less polite.

I’m yet to meet an expert who needed to tell me they were an expert.

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I am really happy that your information really helpful.I will be happy if you advice me how can i be expert and show signs of expertise.

Who died and made me or anyone else your life tutor?

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No really i dont have a tutor.I learn it from youtube and fiverr website.I have two students one got level one and one got two.I am still new seller.please help me to grow my sell.

When did I adopt you?

I don’t remember this.

as you did not adopt me so why you good advice sweetly.After getting your help i think wanna help as you dont want as other puple dont want.Thats why i dont have tutor.

What is that even meant to mean?

It’s nothing but word soup.

You still have not answered my question of why would I trust you with my WP login details?

Ask your students, LOL