From Level 1 to Level 2


I am Level 1, and I’m 90% on the way to Level 2. It does not say how many orders left and how many days until I hit Level 2. Please advise? :-/


Hi Jimmyboyo. Part of the reason it doesn’t say is so that people don’t “buy the position” when close. Having said that, it does appear that “Gig Extras” do not count toward level 2. So it’s 50 orders (of any amount) in a rolling 60 day period. And you seem to need to be a member for at least 60 days.


Hi Jimmy, you seem to have some delicious experience in the industry! No wonder you’re doing well.


You said: "Please advise?"

Here’s a big piece: Always remain professional, especially when using the Fiverr message system.