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From level 2 to Top rated. any tips?

Been a level 2 seller for two years now…
any tips become top rated?


I was top rated, was sick and lost it, now I am level 2 and I will most likely never get it back.

I don’t believe being a TRS holds any value. The sales volume is the same. The only better thing, maybe two, would be the faster withdrawals and the quick reply from customer support. But I barely use customer support 2-3 times per year so in my case… that’s not an advantage. And if you have a large volume of sales, you won’t feel the faster withdrawals anyway.

I would recommend focusing on improving your services. If you will ever be a TRS, the day will eventually come.


Under promise and over deliver.
Just go to analytics page and right under reviews![Screenshot (401)|690x388]
there is a button called how to get better reviews.
That should help becuase it helped me get some pretty good reviews( I am not an expert here but this is pretty helpful)


If you haven’t earned the required amount you could try increasing your prices a bit.

Remove the 5 star rating from gig images.
Remove any URLS that aren’t in Fiverr’s approved list.
Maybe removing money back/satisfaction guarantees might help
Maybe adding faqs to gigs might help.
Give excellent communication to buyers and others who message you.


Keep your completion rate at 97%+.

Deliver work that blows people away. The more detailed, glowing reviews the better.

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