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From level 2 to zero

Just missed by 1%. This is bad…


No, you haven’t missed it by 1%, you have missed it by 11%, after all, the target is 100%.

Don’t get me wrong, my delivered on time rate was 88%, and I don’t feel that it is bad. It’s just a motivation to work towards fixing it as soon as possible.


The Target to maintain a level is 90%, the more high you go the more is better.

@tessawinter Good Luck for the Next time…


Exactly, but you already have a buffer of 10% which he missed. Therefore, that 1% makes it 11%. :wink:

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@gig_freak yes, But had to achieve the 90% minimum to stay in the current level. :slight_smile:


Yep, but you can’t bitch about missing it by one percent as you already missed a buffer which gives you 10%.


yep missed by 11% :smiley:

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No it’s not a motivation, It demoralises sellers and we are either self employed or employees they cannot have it both ways. As self employed they are taking 20% of our income, which is cool pretty normal for most work. However they are treating us as employees which will no doubt bring up other issues along the way. You don’t motivate people by kicking them down, you listen to them, hear their ideas and help them thrive. All this will do is hurt Fiverr in the long term as they rid the sellers that started their business and replace them with new ones that are not delivering the goods. The reviews online speak for themselves, something is very wrong. If Fiverr don’t see that, then they really have themselves to blame when it goes wrong.

Having had my own business I am realistic to know there will be financial backers breathing down Fiverr’s neck for results, I suspect this led to changes, I am just not convinced this new system is in anyone’s best interest.