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From lots of orders to zero orders

Hello everyone!
Have you also had fewer orders this month? I received at least 10 messages a day which then turned into orders, but now nothing.


You won’t believe that there are people who have not gotten orders in the past month. I think sales are generally down.

You can check on your gig statistics, maybe there is some drop on there.
If you found any drop, it can cause from any result.
Sometimes it just not your fault, it’s just because of Fiverr rotation algorithm I think.

I hope you will soon get a lot of orders again.

Yes Exactly, This is what happening with me.
I was not getting 10 massages but atleast I was getting a bit response impressions was good. But now everything is going down day by day.

Please checkout my gigs if any one find anything wrong that I can improve let me know please.

Same situation !! I don’t know how to overcome this situation.

same. I also had a lot of orders. but after getting to level 1 it just dropped and vanished.