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From making $700+ in 45 days to zero impression in 4 months

Hello! I am frustrated, angry, depressed. But here is my story.

I created my account around December 2016 and set up my first gig in February 2017. Sales came not so long, 3 days after creating my gigs, I think.

In the first 45 days, I made more than $700 already and thought “I’ve arrived.” But then, sales became slow. I hoped the situation will change but it never happened. I couldn’t get my Level 1 badge same month because my Response rate, Cancellation rate, and Rating (4.7) did meet up the requirements. I wasn’t bother; I will get it some day, I thought.

In April, I had to checked my gig analytics when the few orders I was getting were from repeat clients. What I saw was terrifying. My stats were red. I contacted CS to find out what was happening because I didn’t edit my gigs since creation but… I got the shocker of my life.

CS flagged two of my most popular gigs for copyright infringement. They said I had Shutterstock written in my gig descriptions. There was no way to edit the gigs because they moved them to Denied. So, I had to delete them and create new ones.

After creation, my gigs didn’t get a single impression for weeks. Multiple tweaking couldn’t help. I became afraid to contact CS again. My account may be blocked, who knows. With huge disappointment, I paused all my gigs in June and went on “a forced vacation.”

Last month, I got an email from Fiverr. I’ve been promoted to Level 1, read the message. I was so happy and decided to give Fiverr hustling another shot.

September 1st, I came back hoping that whatever bug(s) or whatever might have been unfriendly to my account should have left for another cause. Or so I thought.

I deleted my old gigs and created a new one. Five days and counting, I’m yet to have one impression on the gig. I create a second gig yesterday though.

At this moment, I’m confused. I don’t want to contact CS to inquire if this is a bug/tech issue. I am thinking of creating a new account, but OH, the agony of starting afresh in the domain of laborious level criteria.

I need your suggestions, please. Has anyone faced this kind of issue. It feels like Fiverr is on a personal war with my account.


You are only allowed one Fiverr account and would need to ask permission from Customer Support to close your account and open another.

Whatever you decide to do make sure to keep within the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page to avoid further problems.


Thanks for the advice. I’ll do as you recommend if I will create a new account.

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I’m very sorry for your condition.
Don’t give-up. Keep fighting.

Promoting your gig on social media would help a lot.

Wish you the best!

There’s a couple of points I want to evidentiate here.

  1. Your mentality of “I create two gigs and success will come” is an illusion. Fiverr (or any other business) doesn’t work like that. You need to create as many gigs as you can, promote yourself, send buyer’s requests on a daily basis and so forth. Waiting for clients never works and never will. You got lucky in the beginning, but that can’t be something for you to count on.
  2. When things are stale, that must be an action sparker. Bring some new skills, polish the gigs you have, try new things etc. You had plenty of time at disposal to see what successful gigs do and do that too. Again, drop the “I’ll wait and it will be better” mentality. It will never work in the long-run! Stephen Hawking famously said, ‘Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.’
  3. Your frustration has nothing to do with Fiverr, it has to do with the false expectation you had. Frustration comes when we don’t do anything to progress ourselves further. Stop pointing your finger at something you don’t control, like Fiverr, and point it at the main source of results, yourself.

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. :v:



I understand your points but you are getting mine wrong. I’m not bothered about sales for now. I just want to be sure that my gigs are plugged into the search system.

FYI, I couldn’t find my username of the search when I searched. So of what essence is the new skills, polishing my gigs, and trying new things when it seems my account doesn’t exist here.

I have descriptions and gig images created for 7 gigs. I uploaded two to confirm what I feared.

I wrote CS today and if I don’t get a good response, I’ll deactivate this account and create a new one.

My issue isn’t about zero sales, but zero presence on the search grid.

Thanks for the response, BTW.

So you don’t want money, but you want people to find you on Fiverr…
I hope Fiverr will understand what you want, because I don’t.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

I got a response from CS. I guess they know what I want, now.

Here is their response:

Hope you are having a nice day, we are sorry to hear about this inconvenience.
I went ahead and applied a fix to your account, could you please allow 24 hours to pass and look into this again?

I have my finger crossed!