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From new seller to fiver pro

Hello all, I am a new seller and want to make freelancing my full-time job or career. It has been just 45-50 days I have joined Fiverr and willing to continue it as a full-time freelancer. my question is for pros. how you made it here. What should I do to make more out my gigs? I know it will take time but right now what should be my focus? what should be my goals? I need your experiences as a pro but being in a state of new seller.


Welcome to the forum

Thank you dear. I hope I will get much more help from here.

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Marketing. Are you doing anything to connect your services to the target customers who need what you have to offer?

As a freelancer, you are running a business. What goals have YOU set for your business? Each business is different. We cannot tell you what your goals are – YOU need to determine that for yourself. You need to determine what you want to get out of your gigs, and how you plan to achieve those goals. That’s your responsibility, not ours. We sellers are setting our own goals, and taking our own creative steps to reach out goals. Everyone’s goals are different, and the path everyone takes to reaching those goals is usually personal to each seller. Look not to what everyone else is doing, and figure out what YOU need to be doing to reach the goals YOU have set for yourself.


I am a new seller too. In w5 days I had just 3 orders, 2 of them are conpleted with 5 stars, the last one is cancelled because of the buyer, he wanted to use my work without paying.
Anyway, I think we should first concentrate on dking a very good work without paying so much attention to the earning, because you will earn just after ylu are known for a good work.

I think we only need patience and then we eill be known in our niche.

For example I want to make myself known in translation, writing and rewriting, editing (photo&videos) and a little in html.

I hope I helped you a little :slight_smile:

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I’m far from pro, but i’ve been with Fiverr for over 2 years now and been quite successful.

How i made it here?
I found a profitable niche and setup my gig to match my target audience.

What did i do to make more out of my gigs?
Replied to buyer requests on a daily basis.

What should you focus on?
You have to decided this one yourself. I personally focus on wallpaper design.

What should be your goals?
Depends on what you want to accomplish on Fiverr.

Hope that clarifies some of your thoughts.

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Welcome to Fiverr community @noorismail

The thing is if you choose a gig that you are skilled at it will help you grow :slight_smile: I have been working on just 2 gigs from last 1 and half year I guess upto last month my all time on Fiverr was great even from the 1st month.

So you need to focus on improving your gig and if you have multiple skills make gig on all but its always better to nourish your main gig so you can go ahead up to Level 2 and then start offering more services.