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From New Seller to Level One? Need help!

Hello everyone! I’m new to Fiverr and as a new seller I was interested if anyone with experiences on Fiverr could share some tips on how to improve gigs in general and how to start getting more than just one order.
I only have one order, maybe there is something wrong with my gigs?!
I’m considering starting receiving more!
Fiverr is the only platform where I’m totally focused on, I’m happy to be on Fiverr so it will be very kind from other members if I get some tips on how to grow up and go to Level One Seller. Thanks in advance!

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Please remove the URL from the topic title. You may add direct Fiverr gig linkage in the body of the post.

Adding urls to titles are not permitted. Be creative!

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Thank you! It was not what I meant to do! Just a newbie trying to get more orders!!

No worries. :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the community! :tada:

Here are some awesome links to check out in the meantime.


Very kind from you! I would definitely look up all the information!