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From newbie to Level 2 in ~6 months

Hey everyone!

I started my Fiverr journey around the end of July. The wife and I decided that I should try to pursue voice acting work as a side gig while watching my son at home. I whipped up a profile, made a demo reel, and went live.

Sadly, I’ll I got was spam for the first couple of weeks (No, you can’t have my Upwork account!) and I figured this site wasn’t going to pan out. Then I got an order. It was small, but it got things rolling. Then I got another and another. It wasn’t fast or lucrative.

Eventually, we decided to spend a little bit of money on better sounding recording equipment and see if this could go somewhere. And boy did it ever.

I passed 100 orders on December 5th and 200 orders last week. Reached Level 1 in November and Level 2 in January.

While I’m still not making tons of money, the experience has been great and it’s really helped me to push forward with the idea of making a career as a voice over actor.

Sadly, I still get spam messages every once in a while. Those folks are persistent! :smiley:



As a trained actor myself (stage, film, voice), I applaud your efforts to do what you love, and am thrilled to hear that you have begun finding success here on Fiverr. Every great thing starts small, and grows from there. Keep up the great work!


I’m glad that I’m a part of this platform. I’ve joined fiver just a few days ago. Got an order and completed it tomorrow. But today I have not got and order. I don’t how it works but still I’m hoping for the best. And yeah you did a great job. May you get more and more success.