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From no orders to 4 orders! The Fiverr story that will likely be a movie

Mod Note: This seller went from sad with no orders to happy with 4 orders in the space of 23 days and wrote a separate post about each step. Instead of deleting the excessive posting, a kind mod put all of the posts together to make a timeline instead.

i have no order i don’t know what i should to do
3rd day i am waiting but … i am sad

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You’ve got two choices:
mope around and be sad
find some way of advertising your business to get some orders

Good luck! :sunny:


You started on Fiverr Feb 2018 and have your first order and 5 star review already. Congratulations. You are on your way. Some sellers take months to get their first order. Be patient and good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


You should appeal to buyers in the buyer request section.

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Stop whining and start doing. Nobody has gotten a sale by staring out the coffee shop window, hoping for orders to sweep them off their feet. You need to do some work to get orders.


thank you soo much appreciate you answer

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@designawsome Well, what do you think about DixieLynn’s message? Learned anything?

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i don’t have any order i am very sad

What I don’t understand is why are you waiting? Shouldn’t you be doing work, or maybe taking a break? Doing something more useful with your time?


Life is too short to be moping around. Go to the gym, adopt a pet :tropical_fish: , or do something productive. Find other ways to generate income.


try to research more and more one day you will get order

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17 days ago and 13 days ago you said the same thing. Instead of making these “sad” posts take some time to read through the forum for lots of tips and information on how to get sales by using Buyer Requests, promoting your gigs and such. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: You are only here this month and have 3 sales already. Some people take months to get their first sale!


You’ve given us details of your first, second and third orders - well done.

You’re now going to give us daily reports (again) of when you don’t get orders?

Too much - those are the days to keep quiet and do as @lloydsolutions suggested plus learning new skills, improving your gigs etc.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Your frown of sadness can be turned into a smile of gladness if only you would work hard to reach out to your target customers. Sitting around, waiting for random people to randomly decide to place a random order from you will continue to make you sad.

Be a Doer. Get out there and EARN your orders!


Your “advice” is vague and unhelpful. Research what? If you’re going to help someone, don’t post vague platitudes that have no meaning. Explain yourself. Offer something of value.

“Try to research more and more” means nothing.


Don’t wait for orders, you need to start promoting your gigs off Fiverr.

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You made a poem! :smile:

Being a doer is what Fiverr has been encouraging us to do! :wink:


I did. I is an wordsmith. :wink:


JonBaas i said research for about his gig try to find related gig on fiverr and see what they are doing and what they giving so bring new thing on fiverr

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