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From packages back to extras


I’ve been using packages and now I want go back to extras. This time it’s not same design as before. This time I get description bellow extras and this weird ‘small’ description and quantity option. I think that will confuse a potential buyer. Can I somehow go back to the OLD layout with extras bellow description? Description that comes after extras is silly!

Thank you.

Hi, I looked at your two gigs and it seems like you are still using the old option? The description comes first in your gigs.
How did you change it back?

I have never used packages for my ‘Facebook cover’ gig. My main ‘Logo’ gig was using packages and I tried to switch to old layout (description first then extras after, like in my Facebook cover gig). All I got is this weird layout, where I got some silly quantity option, then extras and then at the end is my description. That’s just crazy.

How can I make my ‘Logo’ gig layout to look like my ‘Facebook banner’ gig layout??? I want that old look before packages came.

Please help.


What made you decide to go back to extras? Declining sales or…?

Yep. I would really like to know how to completely switch to old layout.

Did you get any sales at all with packages?

Only from some regular clients.