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From the cold & quarantined Republic of Argentina: hi, I'm Fran :)

Hi there! My name’s Francisco (Fran for short). I’m from Argentina, where we’re enduring mandatory quarantine, and winter is upon us… which is why I’m new to Fiverr! I decided to make good use of this obligatory at-home time and try to do something productive with it.

I can’t wait to become an active member of this community! :hugs: I’m fairly new here (I registered less than two days ago) so I’m still trying to understand how this whole deal works.

Luckily, I am a fast learner and I feel like I can get accustomed to the dynamics of being a seller on Fiverr. I set up my profile and, even though I tried to be genuine and stuff, I still can’t get a grip on how to make it SEO friendly and all that :sweat_smile:

I’d love to get to know some of you a bit better :sparkles:

Tell me, what made you become a part of Fiverr? Why did you choose this platform over others?



Welcome fiverr community. Hope you enjoy this platform

It’s pleasure to meet you.
Best wishes :innocent:

Welcome. I also joined since I was bored and decided to profit from the quarantine, in March. I chose fiverr because I’m not 18 yet so I can’t work on other platforms, and I found it to be the best for people that never freelanced before. Your best bet is to use the Buyer Requests section, that’s how I got my first sale. Good luck.

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Welcome to fiver. And i do hope you rock and do your best

Welcome to fiverr forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile: