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____ from *****/******* [title edited]

Has anyone else been receiving an absurd number of messages claiming to be someone from ************ or ******** asking you to create an Upwork account based in the United States and letting them use it?? It’s really starting to piss me off and all.

Mod Note: Country/region reference removed.

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Not for a long time, but for awhile they were abundant.


I see. Hopefully they’ll subside for me too, but since joining Fiverr maybe a month ago I’ve gotten upwards of 10.

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They seem to try to scam new sellers the most.

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Might I ask, Fiverr and/or forum moderators, why instances of the two country names have been omitted from my post??

which were the 2 countries?

I’m not going to say at this time, because I don’t want to get in trouble with the mods. If they give me the ok or whatever, I’ll let you know.

Due to potential negative repercussions by or for buyers and sellers, the moderation team is taking a more cautious approach to posts with content related to any individual country/region or sellers from any specific country/region.


I got one recently, although they asked me to download an application that would give them control of my computer. I reported them immediately.