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From top rated seller to no sales! Not showing on search results

Hi guys, I need your help since customer support is not helping me. I’m not showing on search results and that’s why I’m not getting new sales. This is my only job and I’m getting really upset and frustrated because it’s been 2 months now and I need to fix this!. This is my gig
Can you please take a look and tell me what I can do to improve? I know all the SEO techniques and I’m using keywords, I already did that and I promote my link on social media and websites, buyer requests… I used to be a top rated seller and made like 7,000 sales with that gig and now I’m not even showing… most of my gigs actually! Customer support only tells me to provide a nice service and use buyer requests… but how am I supposed to give a nice service if I don’t get any sales??
Any help would be appreciated! Thank you


Only suggestion I can offer: get rid of the stars and ‘top seller’ on your gig image.

Otherwise, if it’s been two months, whatever is causing the drop might be just about to cycle out, as most things are on a 60 day timer.


I added the stars recently actually to get more attention haha but i have 4.9 stars which at the end is 5 stars. And they already saw my picture when I asked them about my gig.
I had no idea about the cycle


This is very common scenario in fiverr.

Same thing is happening with me. Fiverr is my full time job. Its the third month :frowning:

In the FAQ section:
Maybe change “What’s Included in Stationary Designs?” in question 5.
Maybe change “What’s a Brading Kit?” in question 7.

As well as removing the other things from the gig image, maybe the “Pro Services” in the image might make Fiverr think it’s too similar to what Fiverr Pro gigs show.

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They tell this to anyone. It is their standard template.
Unfortunatelly you can’t do anything with this just wait until your gig will appear in search results again. I tried a lot of things before without any luck. After some time my gig returned to it’s position. I had a great March sales but in April my gig suddenly went to the last pages and now I don’t have orders from new clients.

Hi, change those questions for what instead?

Something else.

eg. stationary = not moving, stationery = office materials.
brading = a town in England or a surname according to wikipedia. Maybe it should be branding.