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From TOP Reseller to > Level ONE | A Bad or Good History?

Greetings community, long time without writing here, a few years have passed since my first foray into “Fiverr”, they were golden times where the platform was just beginning, and they were beginning to implement changes!

The changes were evolving for the better, I still remember my first order, it was a synonym for joy!, And with enthusiasm what led me to fall in love with the platform and leave my face-to-face work to dedicate myself only to the freelancer lifestyle as a designer designer.

It was a long and difficult journey, I remember that I worked about 14 hours a day on the platform because of the number of orders I had, there were undoubtedly many, the business was growing and remained so for at least 2 -5 years!

More changes came to the platform.

A new evaluation system (from the first moment I thought it had its dark sides) but even so I decided to adapt, improve here and there to see opportunities and follow the adaptation of the system to continue in transit to the “news”.

Slow days.

It happened that suddenly they started going from orders of 50 orders a week to drop by half (speaking with the advisers they recommended to raise the prices since they saw that the level of my work was “pro”)
and it seemed fair that you should have an increase, BINGO! I thought hard work has brought its rewards, but NO! It turns out that the slowness continued its course so that until today, updating a little, I have been without orders for 2 weeks.

After having made $ 95,000 in earnings around 6 - 7 years on the platform. The CoronaVirus + the country situation VENEZUELA arrived.

Perhaps only a few who manage to read this post will understand the situation in my country, where power outages are recurring (1 or 2 times a day for ranges of 6 hours without electricity) the internet is unsightly and endless external patterns.

“Deliver on time” has been the leading factor to lose the “Top Resller” then (with low sales) the few orders that arrive
(There are clients who have indifferent response times and when they click on the botom request a modification and your order is late)

So here we go to Level 1 as if I had to start again.

My feelings are as follows:
Fiverr cares little how much you may have been generating profit for them, little cares about the individual situation of countries. you just have to stick to the “Rules” that in one way or another have been killing the community.

Where the migration to other platforms where time and rhythm not governed by a system that does not take into account other things have more effects.

The end of all these words is for “Fiverr” we are simply machines to generate income for them, and yes, external situations do not matter to the system.

Has anyone had the same feeling that I have had these days?
Has something similar happened to you?

To finish I would like to say: although we are level 1 for the system, the large number of clients that you managed to collect continue to come to you for your work.

Happy for offering quality and if the system tastes like sh ******* t it doesn’t matter, I’ll stay here for those clients who have created a long-term relationship in this way.

Greetings community and let’s continue the fight



In all this, I am very happy for you. Fiverr, no doubt, provided a platform that is responsible for the success of many today, albeit its shortcomings.

Not a lot of sellers could boast $95k in 6 years of being on Fiverr. That said, I expected that, with all the success you have had, you would have been able to solve your power/electricity issues and internet issues. This is your business now, and you have made enough money to make sure that you keep running your business successfully irrespective of what is happening in your country.

Hopefully, you will climb back up again. But this is a lesson for everyone. You don’t fight to get to the top and not take it seriously when you get there. There are so many ways to manage plenty of orders to avoid late deliveries.

I wish you the best.

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Thanks for taking the time! , if in fact I have tried to “Solve” the electrical problem, (buy a generator), now the internet (as you solve it when the crisis in your country there are no providers that provide you the service even with an electric generator)

Believe me I have done my best to invest and keep up to date, but there are specific situations that certainly do not help in my case the country situation (where I can not even buy gasoline for the generator, because I have to queue for up to 2 days to do what)

anyway. I think that the system has a “dark” side in reference to handling “late orders” because if a client is not on your regular schedule and requests a modification when it is at the limit, what will happen? It will be marked late.