From Top to Bottom.... A Night of Tears


Hello my dear fiverr mates! how are you?
i was a high rated seller with 1500+ reviews in graphic designing category. my one gig was on 3rd page of high rated profiles.
but last night due to a mistake " i offer refund to my client "… i did not knew about the new policies of fiverr and then disabled my fiverr account permanently. after that they did not respond my requests.

i was too much in tension and whole night i was crying like a little kid. i lost everything. i had done too much hardwork on that account and establish like a brand but but all gone.
i have too many bills and duties to perform. i am only one reason of happiness in my family. i am only source of income of my family.
and now i am on road no idea what to do now. i started with new account i hope this work.
the main reason to tell you about this to learn from me and dont do this mistake?
I am the man who lost everything :frowning:

A story behind: How to remove negative review?

So sorry to hear this. It’s a good reminder that we should not assume we will be okay if we don’t read the TOS. Good luck to you.


Hi, I am sorry to hear that, but why would Fiverr disable your account for offering a refund or a mutual cancellation to your client? I don’t understand that.


If Fiverr JUST RECENTLY suspended your account, do you think it is a good idea to open a BRAND NEW account so soon?


Yes, Creating New account before talk to CS. that’s totally wrong as per fiverr TOS. CS can be banned your new account too!.

first go to CS and talk about your genuine reason.


yes! thats the reason… :frowning:


so tell me what should i do now?


i have submitted two tickets but did not get any response yet so i open a new account on my other laptop


I am curious how a mutual cancellation closed your account…there must be more to the story.


Read his post. CS isn’t replying to him. Fiverr always do that to the disabled account users!


Sending more than one ticket on the same topic only slows things down (and CS might block you as a spammer).


Their is no need for two tickets. You should probably disable your new account too!
Go on Twiter and tweet them with your Case ID and them > “I haven’t received any updates from CS after 24-48 hours, i would really appreciate your reply.” or something like that. Most of the time i do that, and they will reply me asap.


They wouldn’t have permanently disabled your account if you offered a refund to a client. What else did you do? Or what was the circumstances/manner of the refund? If you really want people to learn from your mistake, then you need to say what really happened.


yeah! i am asking them reason but they did not told me exact reason


So what should i do? now i am waiting for their feedback


yes! and they are doing same with me. Seller having hard time. there should be some advantage for selller too


I also said i did not get a proper reason for this from fiverr team… but what i have done is only i said my client to ask for refund from CS because order was mark as complete a week ago. and client come back after 1 week. and he straight away posted a negitive review i sent a message to him and offer him refund and he agreed on this. i submitted a request and got replied from CS they said please ask your client to submit request and i send a message to my client and he said he will send message to CS and i said OK
but at that evening i got mails that your account is disable permanently by Trust and safety


Thanks for great advise


All you can do is wait. You shouldn’t have created two tickets, but since you already did, don’t create new ones.


OK! i will wait for their reply