From Top to Bottom.... A Night of Tears


Did you ask the buyer to change his review?


It sounds as if you asked the buyer to change his review. Is that what happened?


yes! I ask buyer to get refund and remove review.
is this against the TOC?


As I understand it, you can request one time the buyer changes his review using the Resolution button on the order page.

You cannot tell him you will give him a refund if he changes or removes his review.


Yes, offering a refund in exchange for a better review or removal of a review is against the TOS.


Fiverr do not banned account without seller fault/ violation. If seller do VIOLATE fiverr terms then fiverr have full rights to banned that user from fiverr. ;_


There certainly must be more to this story. Big Seller with 1,500+ reviews; bothered about 1 negative review; Fiverr casually instructed OP to liaise with Buyer to initiate mutual cancellation; And then, without warnings, Fiverr descended, banning OP permanently because he refunded Buyer; OP raised tickets to Fiverr and simultaneously opened another account. . . .
This story doesn’t just add up as there are missing links here & there. I know there’s more to this that OP isn’t telling.


I might be wrong but he probably went off Fiverr and issued a refund via paypal .

This will also explain the ban since it’s against TOS.


@annai80 That might explain it, but OP said that he wasn’t aware of the new policy. Chargeback leading to a ban isn’t new.


Maybe. It’s hard to see what else it could have been.


yes! i asked the buyer to change or remove the review.
is this against the TOC?


yes i was not aware of these new polices…
now tell me what should i do now.
i ask customer support and i mention i was not aware of these new updates but they are saying now e cannot do anything, i request a chance but they refuse. this is soo harsh :frowning: :’(


Did your buyer do a Paypal chargeback? And if he did, did you tell him to do it?


nope! he just posted a negative review and i offer him a refund on removal of review. and i said to him please sent a message to customer support so they will remove the review and also refund you.
i did not discussed any personal details nor i discuss about bank details


I always wanted to know ! Hope you dont mind telling us :slight_smile:
As a top rated seller, do you ever get any special CS treatment? Any easier support line ?


@jawi_studio Then it’s really strange that you got banned. You did violate the ToS by trying to trade a refund for feedback removal (it’s now forbidden because both buyers and sellers were abusing that option), but breaking a rule once doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to permanently remove you from Fiverr.

Did you break any rules in the past?


i wonder if the buyer contacted CS and said something or left really nasty feedback in the part you can not see in the review process. Has to be something hidden here


this is the account which has been disble but i can only sign in fiverr forum


Advertising your gigs like you did here instantly makes you look suspicious.


i advertised my gig in fiverrr gigs category and its not against the TOC