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From two weeks GIG got down?

I have gig having 24 reviews it was going well from last two weeks I am changing title, Tags and other things but nothing is happening.


Hi Naikoosuhaib, every time you edit anything including tags and titles your gig will be reviewed and could take 24 hours or more. This takes you out of the selling/ availability loop. That is my understanding.

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same situation here with my gig also

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Yes you are right that I know even 48 hours but still after that gig is on page 4 and its going back but never goes to page 3

I would be interested to know why as well. It seems my gig moves from front page to back page and I don’t know why either.

I am also confused even I do good reasearch to find better tags and heading

You need to check your gig title.

Possibility, some one else has same gig title, which reducing you rating.
Also use professional images for gigs.

Hope it will help.

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