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From when Fiverr started showing seller's status in the gig? Is it even going to Rank this way, from now on?


Hey I am less than a week old seller in Fiverr, Currently I am seeing a major change of gig view in FIverr. It is showing seller’s status which might be kinda demotivating to the new sellers like me. So how I would like to know how can I make my gig lucrative enough so that it survives the competition and can get attentions of the buyers?


Note: in your title you said “seller’s status”, in your post you said “buyer’s status”, which is a bit confusing :confused:

What status are you referring to, more precisely? The online/offline status? the Level or “Top Rated” status? the “Featured” status? the vacation status? the number of reviews?


hi there, thanks for replying. Sorry it was a mistake i corrected it immediately. It was about seller’s status (in which level they are). For a new seller is it going to be difficult to be found in buyer’s search this way?


Hello and welcome!

I assure you that if a buyer wants your gig because it looks very good then they will buy it regardless of if you are new or not.


Thank you so much for assuring me. Hope Fiverr always brings fortune to the newcomers as it always did earlier :slight_smile:


Also, here’s some food for thought :wink:

  • some buyers will look at the gigs’ thumbnail images and pick the one that looks most promising or that stands out from the crowd, especially in categories where there are a lot of gigs with very similar titles that offer very similar things

  • other buyers with limited budgets will actually look for newer sellers who provide their services at lower prices, hence ignoring some of those top sellers who’ve adopted higher prices

  • and finally, there are buyers who don’t look at the gigs right away and instead use the filters in the left sidebar, so take a look at the filters and see how you can use them to your advantage


Thank you so much @Woofy31 for giving more insights to my queries I really appreciate! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


One think to keep in mind, too, it is not Fiverr’s responsibility to “bring your fortune” or success. You need to go find those yourself, through marketing, promotion, eye-catching gigs that capture the attention of buyers. Don’t wait for Fiverr to make you successful, that’s YOUR job, not theirs.


I understand @jonbaas by marketing you mean sharing my gigs on social platforms right?


Sharing your links on social media is usually ineffective, unless you are friends with your target customers. Post links on social media is unlikely to bring you sales unless you are connected to the very people that you want to buy from you.

What I mean is: You need to figure out who your target customers are, you need to research and determine where those target customers are located, and you need to go to that location (online or off), and tell those target customers about your services (whether via ads, non-Fiverr forum participation, or any number of other targeted formats).

Promoting a gig requires a lot of hard work, but you’re going to need to do this if you want more customers/buyers/clients. YOU need to do this. No one – not even Fiverr – is going to do this marketing and promotion for you.

There is no easy success as a freelancer here on Fiverr. Hard work is required.


Thank you so much for letting me know @jonbaas :slight_smile: