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From where we can get exchange rate of money for fiverr?


Is someone know how we can check the current Fiverr rates of exchange different currency? Also if someone knows the exchange rates of PayPal in Fiverr too please share the website etc. I know to check directly in google which result is not the same as we can see in fiverr when sending an offer and so on. see ss too.


It’s 83.95 BDT for 1 USD


It is not the exact rate as in fiverr


Bad news ! let me know if you come to know where to find fiverr exchange rates.


I dont know where we can get it.


Not sure if this is any help?

There’s a link in the post to the exchange rate service Fiverr uses.


Officially Fiverr pulls exchange rate data from


Any reference to support your comment? :thinking:
Note: I found the reference from @merciavideo comment.


The site they mention is paid too