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Back in 2014, I was a nobody and was learning more and more about Graphic Designing. I created an account on but I was really unsuccessful. Not getting any jobs since I was new there :sob: But I never gave up. I kept on trying and trying :sweat_smile: In 2016 I joined Fiverr on the recommendation of a very good friend of mine. Here I created few gigs and presented some really good demos and started responding to the buyer requests every single day. I also downloaded the android app and used to be online through that and check for buyers responses even when I am in class or somewhere outside my house. Suddenly I got a message from a buyer and she bought my gig, my first order. She was very much happy with my work and behavior. She is still my regular buyer. But the hardship did not end then but I never gave up. So its like by trying again and again and again, I got my first work after 2.5 years :grin:

8 months after that, I became Level-2 and 100% positive feedback :sunglasses: Now I get orders regularly and when I think about my past experience, I just smile :slight_smile: The point is that, there will always be newcomers in the field but only the ones having 100% dedication will definitely stay, the rest will automatically disappear. It is said that if a person wishes for a thing wholeheartedly, then the whole Universe tries to help that person to get that thing. So just keep going and do not stop. There are millions that are still running on the same track, if you give up, you will lose for sure. Just keep running :runner:

I hope this article is useful specially for the newcomers on Fiverr. Thank you all and Best of Luck to everyone :slight_smile:


@samialjabar many congrates on being HERO and I totally can related to the feeling of getting success on Fiverr by doing what you love doing and are quite skillful about.

Skills+time+proper communication+quality output+bonus are some of the basic things a starter needs to follow religiously and practise and success will follow. Period!


This is really encouraging!!


I agree with you 100% and thank you so much for your kind words :slight_smile:


Thank you. I hope it helps everyone :slight_smile:


Congrats samialjabar


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your success story and congratulations. Giving up is never an option.


I took 3 years for my first dollar.


My pleasure :slight_smile:


:astonished: Wow, I think your story is more promising than mine then. You should share your story of achievement too since these things will inspire thousands of people like you and me who are still fighting out there for their first dollar :slight_smile:


Sure. I will.


Fiverr is helping people fulfill their dreams…


That’s sound good .Thanks for sharing. I love your good name.


It sure is :slight_smile: @pastordre
My pleasure and thanks to you @anjylina


woah thank you for sharing with us :smiley:


@samialjabar that’s motivating. Keep up the good work & All the very best! :thumbsup:


as a new seller that’s motivates me thank you :smile:


great to know your story buddy … Keep working hard and keep up the good work !


It’s good to hear that you are doing great. I had created my fiverr account about 5-6 years ago but at that time I don’t know why I gave up and joined odesk; where I had earned good money but when elance bought odesk and turned it into upwork it just lost it’s value and I can hardly get any project. So, I glanced back at fiverr and God help me I got too many projects and I earned myself level 2 status in just 1 month. I am very happy with fiverr and I see a great potential in fiverr. Thanks :slight_smile: