Froms of small speeches for every seller


just coming
very well
it’s fine
as you like
anythings else
that’s enough
thanks for this honor
why not?
not a bit
see you tomorrow
yes,by all means
too much
yes sir


Uh, sorry…
I’m quite confused.






“Froms” ??? :confounded:


yes, but why!!!


I’m not sure how to answer your “Why” question because I don’t know what it is you were trying to
ask/say in the first place…

or is this a riddle???


Lol :joy::joy: what was that?


It’s a common conversation between man and woman:

Man: … just coming!
Woman: really? … very well :rage:
M: It’s fine! :grinning:
W: whatever, as you like, anything else? :unamused:
M: No, that’s enough:grinning: Thanks for this honor!
W: “honor”?, was not even OK
M: Wait… you didn’t…
W: Not a bit
M: Why not?
W: Have no time to discuss now, see you tomorrow
M: Yes, by all means!!
W: If , that’s for you not too much
M: Yes sir!
W: ta-ta


thanks for your conversation




LMAO… Brilliant! :clap: :heart_decoration:


obviously true…


I believe there was no conversation going on.
Just pure confusion…


why not !! but why confusion i do not understand your tongue because i write just need able English for every seller


short English for conversation with any kind of buyer


Uuuuuuh, I’m sorry. I think you’ve lost me completely now…


What is WTF ? i don’t understand this


“Froms” means: this is a person who is full of love. Your beautiful emotions create harmony and balance for anyone who is lucky enough to become your friend.Always graceful and charming when dealing with others, your emotional intelligence is very high.

i know this but i am not sure because its a not native just communicated related language.


ok thanks for your command but your feel is wrong