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Front line sellers all gigs going to die

Hi, I am naimadesign.
I was doing well. Unfortunately my all gig impression down suddenly. Some of my gigs was fast 1-2 page both system (recommendation and best selling ) now I see its online but not any page. I working for Fiverr for 4 years. I know Fiverr cannot guaranty on the 1st page. but It cannot last page because I have many reviews and of course I am better some 4.6 or under 300 reviews. Is it a paranormal activity?
I see many sellers are back on search and many sellers even top-rated seller and High-value seller also day by day going out of search gigs
I Contacting CS many times, they did not solve the issue. “Its do automatically algorithm by your performance and it’s position and availability on search is determined automatically and cannot be manually adjusted. Please be aware that Fiverr does not guarantee that your gig will appear in our search.”- CS answer. I didn’t have yet promoting options. I did marketing social media. But no method worked. I updated my most selling gig 7 times in the last 3 months but this not working.
Fiverr when doing an update for Impression click and view. then the problem I see. But I DID VERY WELL the last month when the gig down, I don;t know how can feed my baby. day by day really I lost my mental strength.
I see some laky sellers got to fix the issue. I really appreciate your help.


hi, I am facing this issu since June. My best seller gig disappeared from the serach list. I have contacted CS many time but every time they told me same thing. I don’t know what should I do now. my gig found in the last page if I filter level and country and my gig stuck at the last page. even if I create new gig these also disappeared! My family fully depends on my earning. my brain is not working anymore.


Hi. This is just my opinion and I might be wrong, but I think that’s risky currently, 7 times in 3 months is a lot, especially in this situation.

As we know, there are many more sellers and gigs since COVID, which logically means the rotation phases are generally longer.

If you leave your gig as is, it might make its way back up higher again as other gigs get rotated lower.

When you interfere with the rotation process by editing the gig, on the other hand, IMO, you’re taking your gig out of whatever rotation phase it was in at that point, because Fiverr has to check it again (and I suppose if support takes so long to respond now, the editorial team also needs more time), and it might well start at the bottom point of the rotation again, once checked. If you edit your gig again before it reached a higher phase of the rotation, same.

Again, this is just my current view on this matter, and it’s a bit simplified, there are other factors involved, for some sellers/gigs it might be less risky, or riskier, depending on factors like whether they keep getting orders from regulars even when they are in Rotation Valley, etc.

However, just so that nobody misunderstands this, I’m not saying nobody should touch their gigs if there’s a good reason, just that it might be risky, unless they are at the very bottom anyway.

If support checked your gigs and say they are visible, it’s probably working as intended “by the system”. If that system is good and beneficial for Fiverr in the long run, is another question, time will tell.

I’d definitely not rely on Fiverr income alone if I had to feed a kid who can’t support themself in any case. I hope your sales will pick up again very soon, or that you’ll find an additional way to earn what you need, good luck!

That’s a completely new aspect I haven’t seen brought up in the many posts regarding this topic yet :slight_smile: Well, who knows. Maybe the paranormal gig sellers have an answer to that?


I’m sorry that your gigs haven’t been performing really well, that must be frustrating. Customer Support has given you the correct answer - the algorithm works exactly as they said. Please do not contact them repeatedly about this issue, as they are totally overwhelmed with new tickets and people with urgent issues are having to wait up to 10 days for a first response.


Hi miiila.,
Thank you so much your time. I see already some some seller are back. But all gig 5 time in last 3 month looks normal for 1 or 2 days or 18 hours, then I see again push back to hell (last page) and same thing for some others seller who just being same problem. Now I waiting for final fixing for Impression click view. I hope fiverr see community post. and maybe concern about it.
Thanks again.

any one can help us?
I don’t know why day by day many seller going to top pushback last page.
If you know. Please help. Thank you

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I have the same problem. do you have orders now?

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No, I got some order small amount from old clients,
no new order, I shear social media but not helpful for these things.

Thanks @miila for your response. I’m new to Fiverr, and this is helpful. Who knows if it’s really how Fiverr works, but it makes sense that when you change something you go back to the beginning of their rotation process. When you’re first starting it’s so tempting to change something everyday!


Indeed it is! I certainly edited my gigs a lot “back then” but that was before Covid and stuff. I’m much more reluctant to touch anything ever since my main gig had been out of search for a whole week after editing, at which point I thought no use waiting any longer and contacted support, however, that also was before Covid, and I guess at the moment, with current support response times, it’s a good idea to weigh the need to edit and the possibility of the gig being pushed back in the rotation queue, or even not coming back into search at all carefully.


Yesterday I was edited all my gigs. and now waiting for how its work. even my best selling gig is not shown online after editing. and the rest of gig are ok. but all are last most pages.
I waiting for the staff preview. then it will be back online. but I don’t know is that can be come back regular positions.
Thank you

Hi Naima,
All the members including you ,know that we have to be very vigilant and give much amount of time for achieving success on fiverr. There may be shortcomings in our doings which come under the notice of Fiverr algorithms.
Don’t take this at heart. Just keep doing best efforts and once again you will catch success.
All the best


Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. But I don’t know why day by day 1st page to move all gigs. even whos queue on 20+ order each gig