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Frustrated😠 about my gig performance


Every morning I refresh my Fiverr gig page in hope that “today I might have got the impressions, clicks and views” at least. But now I am completely frustrated to witness only 10-15 impressions per day.

I assume that impressions are the first step to get an order. Unless a buyer won’t see my gig at least, how can I dream of orders ? Please tell me what is happening ? Doesn’t Fiverr wants us to also give a chance again ? Please help me :pray:

  1. Create more than 2 gigs.

  2. If you have more skills, utilize them. Lots of people make mediocre whiteboard animations for cheap on Fiverr. What makes you stand apart from them?

  3. Make your gigs different. It is against Fiverr ToS to have two of the same gigs, unless there is a significant difference between a “professional” whiteboard animation and an “alluring” one.

  4. Market the hell out of your gigs and your business. Fiverr’s only job is to bring people to the site. Not to bring people to your 1 gig out of 1905 similar gigs in that same niche.

  5. Find other sources of income. Fiverr may be great for many people, but it certainly should not be the only site you use for funds. There are millions of ways to earn money online and off, use them.


And to post something similar, I would HIGHLY recommend that you use your own hand made sprites, or at least something a little more professional looking than Doodle Ads. They are incredibly overused and it is near impossible to stand out with that.


Your two gigs are too similar. You should mix it up.

Have a gig for blackboard animations (yes, it’s a thing)

Maybe one for animated logos, video intros, etc, or look for something that nobody’s doing.