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Frustrated. Buyer gave me a bad mailing address-- two fold-- and now I have a feeling I'm out my $$

My buyer gave me a bad address. Tracking shows the package is on its way back to me due to “insufficient address”. When i first arrived to the post office i noticed that the zip the buyer gave was to a city/state completely apart form where the address was. A quick google search revealed he simply inverted two numbers. I double checked this with him, confirmed the correct address and mailed the package. I’m already out .32 due to underestimating postage costs. I assume that now since the buyer did not get the package according to his timeline (he needed it by the 18th) that I will somehow be in trouble wiht fiverr?

What do i need to do? I know first i need to slightly increase shipping charges. How can i better evaluate the addresses I’m given to protect myself against loss? The items that are on thier way back to me are custom therefore i cannot simply resell or anything like that. I’m down not only hours, but the $$ spent to ship the items that will never get there.

What to do? Is there anyone at Fiverr i can contact to verifiy that i will nto “get in trouble”? All information and conversation has been 100% through fiverr (thankfully), so it’s all easily discoverable if they chose to verify.

Have you talked to the buyer regarding the incorrect address?

I messaged the buyer five minutes after viewing the tracking with no response. To either of the two gigs they purchased.

Reply to @melyndawhitwell: That’s really unfortunate. You should contact customer service and ask them if it’s possible to refund the buyer. Hopefully they won’t be able to come back and leave a bad rating stating they didn’t receive the package, but I would ask just in case.

Fiverr Customer Support

I’ve emailed customer support with no response. Are you saying to refund the buyer to AVOID the possibility of bad feedback? The last thing i want is to be out the $$ that i am owed, but i guess if it’s the only way to avoid bad feedback i am stuck. This seems like a giant loophole that is unfortunate for a seller with tangible goods… What is in place to keep “competition” from doing things like this intentionally to run off a newer seller?

Reply to @melyndawhitwell: Yes, but that depends on how you feel, would you rather risk the bad feedback and not get the money, or refund and not have to worry about it. Some people choose to take their chances, I mean the point is to make money right? Although, if you don’t have decent ratings you may have a harder time getting orders. Catch 22, but right now I would think it’s best to keep your good rating since you have only 1 on that gig.

As for competition, not much, but you can report them if they have a similar gig and are noticeably trying to screw up the process, but I think this is pretty rare and if they aren’t using their selling account, you’d never know.

At this stage of the game I don’t think you have to worry about sabotage. In any venture you will take some losses, and it does suck, but once you’ve found your groove and get orders coming in it’s not so bad.

For addresses, make sure to confirm to your fullest extent that the address is correct and deliverable before starting any work. I think usps has a tool you can use to do this ( if you haven’t used it already). If they don’t give you a good address and don’t reply, don’t start the work.

I am sorry you had to go through so much trouble, I hope your next order will be much smoother.

Btw, your cards are really cool, the deer one is adorable.

I’ll definately be doing that in the future! :slight_smile: and thank you for your kind words.

My buyer finally responded today with a new address. Surely I am not required to pay a second time, out of pocket, to ship to this new address…am i? How do i go about charging a second shipping fee?