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Frustrated buyer :(

This week I had to cancel two orders… the last one cost me almost 300aud and only getting back 186 because of Fiverr charged 5%… Wondering why should I be the one who won’t get a full refund when it wasn’t even my fault! I see lots of sellers here complaining buyers are being rude and wanted jobs done basically for free… As I am a retail assistant in real life I make sure I am fair and polite when dealing with people. I liked this platform because it’s so organized… but must look elsewhere I guess…


It should be 285aud :thinking: 5% from 300 is 15$

Anyway, it does happen here for both sellers and buyers and sometimes it takes time to find great sellers.


These kinds of stories often come with no details given (both from the buyer’s and the seller’s side) and when the details do pop up, things turn out to be not quite what they seemed initially. So I won’t comment on the situation itself. But the math with the 5% is off.


Why did you have to cancel?

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My bad, they probably converted aud to usd (anyway it still haven’t been credited to my account and I had to contact support.) Do not know why as we mutually agreed to cancel the order…

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I requested children book illustrations of world map. I had detailed specifications prior pricing and we agreed on price. I decided to do it in sections rather than made order for whole book just in case… So the first double page was “the world” and illustrator knew what I needed and did a good job and money paid… Asked him whether he wants to do the rest of the book and agreed.

4th december I sent him another three continents request and he agreed. Then his pc broke and requested extension which I agreed. Then he just stopped communicating decided to finish maps even though he knew he is doing them wrong and completed job which was definitely not even close to what I requested and even admitted in conversation that he is probably not right for a job.

He was complaining about pricing but it was his price and never mentioned it until I confronted him that he just copied some of the icons from the internet… If he would have communicate he would get more money or we both just could have save our precious time and frustration…

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According to the terms of service:

As of January 1, 2019, Fiverr returns service fees to your Fiverr Balance once an order is cancelled. In any event, if the service fees were not returned to your Fiverr Balance following an order cancelation, such service fees’ amount will be exempted from your next purchase on Fiverr.

If that hasn’t happened you could ask CS about it / if they can return it. They should be able to make it so it is like it says in the terms of service.


I spent my whole day trying to get answer what exchange rate they have and what fees are included.

Well, Since I started on fiverr I made 7 orders in total 838.22aud in two months (minus two cancelled orders 348.48aud. and got very poor results not to mention time I spent searching for freelancers and communicating and so on…

Last cancelled order crushed me as I was doing everything right and that freelancer had 245x 5stars rewievs and I thought he knew what he was doing (he did the pricing I estimated my project for 1500aud and after he saw my request he made price for close to 1000. I honestly chose him not because he priced it low, but because of his reviews.)

I went to see the forum and thought I will get some brainstorm ideas instead of it I saw lots and lots of rants of freelancer about their customers. So I thought they might see it from different perspective as well. Buyers are too spending time and money and they do not get all the support&answers from fiverr when needed. and if order is cancelled it cost money and time.

When he said “I can only tell you that we indeed have fees like all other sites…you got the correct amount back” it’s not clear if the service fee has been returned like it says in the TOS they currently do or not.

I assume you asked him if the service fee had been returned to you after the cancellation like it says it should in the TOS?

But I agree CS isn’t currently providing much info about the charges. If the payment had been made in USD you could have seen any currency conversions from your payment provider. Maybe that could have been easier.