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Frustrated buyer


Hi guys,

One hint from a buyer: if you can’t provide what the buyer is looking for, please don’t send any requests. It’s frustrating and a guarantee that your reputation will decrease. For example, I am looking for a writer to write articles in Finnish - IN FINNISH - and all the offers I have received are from people who can’t write or speak the language. Obviously the sellers have just send offers without actually reading the request.

All the best anyway!


It’s often the same for buyers. They don’t read either. I think everyone could benefit from slowing down and reading things.


My advice would be to let one of the start the job for you… you never know, they may Finnish it.

… I’ll get my coat.


The one time in 3 years i put out a gig request i was also looking for someone not to write but to spice up some of my articles in Finnish. My experience was the same, got flooded with offers but none knew enough Finnish to even discuss the job in Finnish.

As a seller i never answer gig requests as my answers would get lost among all the spam.

Better just look for a seller though i haven’t run in to an active Finnish seller who works in writing categories in a while!


I agree 100%. I have placed a request with very specific needs for a designer who understands our market niche (saltwater aquariums) I have now had 6 sellers respond and at least 3 of them tried to lie to me to get my business. Why would I want to work with someone who lies to me right from the beginning?? It’s very frustrating!



Maybe you can write your buyer request in Finnish… :slight_smile:


Reply to @giulia_italia: Very nice idea; that means whoever responds has knowledge of the language.


Reply to @artworkking: You… I like you. I’ll get mine too.