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Frustrated by Statistics

I’ve been selling here for four years. I’m a level 2 with 900 reviews, five stars on my top selling gig, and stats high enough to be nominated for TRS every month.

But. Over the years a few people here and there have not understood the system and never completed an order. It was annoying but I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I’ve contacted customer service but they said that I needed to help the customer complete the order… and I have tried, but some people don’t understand. A few were people trying to give me a tip so they didn’t complete the order because there were no requirements, and I didn’t want the $5 enough to make them jump through hoops. Another one tried, put an order in, got help from me and put another order in. And never completed either one. Only a few here and there - less than ten total.

But I’ve been trying to go for a TRS and getting frustrated with being considered and turned down every month. I thought, maybe I should contact them again about those floating orders. So I did, and once again they said I had to work it out with the customers - even for orders that were three years old. So I sent cancellation requests to every one of those customers, explaining that they’d get their money back and could order again later if they wanted. About half accepted the cancellation, the other half still didn’t respond, but all the orders got cancelled. Stats now in the tank.I figured it would suck, my stats would be poor for awhile, but I’d build it back up.

But now, I’m assuming because my cancellation rate looks ridiculous, I’m not even showing up in the search anymore. So no chance to build back orders except from repeat customers. I do have repeat customers, so I should be able to work back up eventually, but my gigs are things that are ordered once or twice a year, nothing huge. My sales are going to go to nothing.

But that’s not even the most infuriating part. One of my customers accepted a cancellation, and went right back and put another order in. AND THEY’RE STILL NOT COMMUNICATING. So I will have to cancel the order AGAIN. … or leave it in my queue. What would you do in that situation?

In situations like this, you can “force start” the order. Simply navigate to the order and click “I have all the information I need”.

You can now. You couldn’t when I had all those previous orders. And I can’t do that for the customer who is non responsive without lying - I have absolutely no idea what he wants to order. It would have been a great option for the customers who wanted to tip me - but we already have a tip option, now, too.

For me, this would depend on timing. If my stats were already in the toilet because of all the old canceled orders, I would cancel right now and then start fresh for the next 60 days so I avoided losing any more levels. If my stats were barely over the bar, I’d wait until after eval day and then cancel if the buyer was still unresponsive. That way I could try to work on as many new orders in the 60 days post-evaluation as I could and hopefully stay high enough. If my stats were great, I’d still cancel and get it over with if the buyer remains unresponsive for more than a week.

Granted, it’s very tough with someone who ordered twice because you’d also want to try to convince them that you are not the right match and to go to someone else in the future. Honestly, if my stats were in danger I’d pause the gig temporarily or whatever it took to drive that buyer away. This last part is very much a personal opinion thing, though.

Thank you very much for the thoughtful answer. My stats are completely flushed. My completion is at 70% sob No way I am getting that back before evaluation day. Or maybe even the next one, tbh. I don’t even care about the levels so much, I mean my reviews are fantastic, so I could work my way back up, but my gig isn’t showing in the search AT ALL. There are only three pages of results for my keywords and I’m not there. at. all. So I can’t see how I can ever recover. I guess maybe after 60 have passed totally I’ll show as new? So maybe you are right and I should do the cancel now while there is no hope whatsoever.

I’ve never gotten one single word of communication from this customer. Nothing. No comments. I don’t even know who they are. I have no idea why they reordered. I’ve sent them three messages to try to get something and I’ve got nothing at all.

Also, for the record I’ve always been very Pro-Fiverr. I’ve enjoyed four great years here. I’m kind of flabbergasted right now. I just have no idea what to do.

Have you tried just telling Support specifically about the mystery buyer who keeps ordering without giving details? Maybe there is a chance if they understand what is happening they can offer a suggestion or do something. If there have been other issues with the buyer, they might close the account. You could also ask very nicely if there is any way they could cancel the order and even though it shows up in your stats, if it could be arranged to not effect your eval dates since the buyer has done this twice. I doubt they will go for it, but it has been done for very rare situations.

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I haven’t. I don’t feel like there’s much chance they’ll do anything for me since they were completely uninterested in helping with the cancellations in the past. But maybe it’s worth a try. Thanks again for listening.

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