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Frustrated by unresponsive buyers

Hi All,

I just wanted to ask what are peoples thoughts on unresponsive buyers?

I get an order, there’s initial communication. I always deliver my orders well before they’re due and give more options than required, deliver and follow up asking if any changes/alterations are required and…silence.

The order defaults to automatic completion and I never hear anything from the buyer again.

It’s very frustrating. I even ask for constructive feedback, so I can improve my services.

I also find this is common from ‘new buyers’ or buyers with no profile info.

Considering sellers are required to jump through hoops to get their profiles and gigs approved, shouldn’t there be some sort of credential for buyers also?



Personally, I’d rather no feedback than a low feedback so I won’t even ask someone to leave me a feedback if they didn’t have the natural inclination to do so.


The only one is can they buy something or not.

This is what you want. Most sellers don’t want to have to do extra work of revisions.

I get so many buyers continuing to have long drawn out conversations with me after a delivery often for days or weeks that if they don’t message me it’s a chance to rest.


That’s a really good point.

Some of those unresponsive buyers will message you again in several months because they want more work done.

Fiverr is a funny old place. Maybe they think it’s like Amazon – take your product and go.


Exactly what i believe. All my reviews are great, but i don’t want to upset a “picky buyer” so he can give me a bad review just because I asked.

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Erm that’s a tad offensive to use bipolar in that sentence. How about just a ‘picky buyer’.

You read my mind. :crystal_ball:

Sorry about that. My limited english made my thoughts exaggerated. “Picky buyer” is what i meant.

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