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Frustrated Fiverr Seller

I have Seen on Fiverr most of the rules are in favor of Buyers but not in favor of Sellers. Challenges I am facing as a seller.

  1. Most of the buyer’s out there don’t read the Gig description and place an order. Once after they place an order, they request for things which we clearly mentioned in the Gig description that we can’t and threaten to cancel the order if we dont provide or provide us with bad ratings. All the time I end up cancelling the order and as a seller if we have more cancellations it effects us.

Possible Solution: Before placing an order for a buyer there should be a Pop-up or Checkbox that they have read the Gig description properly and they accept the terms and conditions. So at a later stage if the buyer demands something which is clearly mentioned cant be provided in the Gig description, then there scope to cancel or provide negative review will be disabled. This way we can overcome so many scammers out there who try to exploit sellers .

  1. Other major challenge which I faced was there was a buyer who bought the Gig, Order delivered on time and order was marked complete with 5 star rating but the money vanished from my fiverr balance after few days. Reason was the buyer payed using Paypal and he/she raised an issue with the paypal and since Paypal will always be in buyer’s favour all the money was reverted back to buyers paypal account. Most easiest way to scam! Create a fake account in minutes, place orders via PAYPAL, once after they are delivered raise an issue with Paypal and your money is back. When I raised Support ticket with Fiverr they were helpless all that they could do is ban that account. What is the point when he/she can repeat this process N number of times with different accounts?

Possible Solution: I would sincerely request Fiverr not to accept Payments via gateways you can’t control it’s not good for sellers.

  1. One major challenge was when buyer’s place an order for 5$ they expect to have service of 1000$, I don’t understand the logic behind it. Yes, I know the sole purpose of Fiverr was to provide for a lesser price but the point here is to provide you services for a lesser cost but not to provide you high end ticket for a cheaper price ( Like for example buyers can’t expect to have a jaguar car for 5$, you can still get a car which is functional but not jaguar buyers should realize this)

Possible Solution I would recommend buyers to be more practical

  1. Buyers keep asking N number of questions, I am talking about Post Sale questions but not Pre-sale one of the biggest headache! Questions which they should ask before ordering are asked after ordering and then they realize they wanted something else and cancel the order. Please understand sellers deal with so many buyers but as a buyer you only deal with one seller. We can’t answer every stupid question that is being asked by you. Questions to which you can find answers by yourself in the description or FAQ or by few minutes of research on google. Please help us save time, this means a lot to us!

I answer questions because it gives me a chance to send a custom offer. Use those questions to turn it into a big sale.

Once you send that offer, if they keep asking questions you can stop answering since they won’t be buying.


I agree with you 100% on your first point. I’ve had a few buyers order a gig, then ask for something is clearly stated I do NOT do. We had to cancel by mutual agreement (fortunately, I haven’t had the experience where they got mad), but still this counts as a cancellation on my part. I think there should be an appeals process of some sort for this.

There are good buyer bad buyer as there is good seller bad seller. Handle the situation professionally.

If they have any doubts/Questions related to gig is fine, but I have come across buyers who ask irrelevant questions. For example there might be situation where due to there lack of knowledge instead of finding issues which they have at their end they just simple say problem is at our end. So it usually takes hell lot of time to find out whose mistake it is.

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I appreciate with this, but this is a platform where this is very common,and its not even possible to guide the whole process.
Everyone are facing this and getting level 1,2 top star
So keep going

Best of luck

You can make certain questions compulsory when your buyers place an order. I recently ordered from a Fiverr seller and had to check a box that asked -“I confirm I have read the gig description. I understand exactly what this seller does and doe not include as part of the package. I confirm that I will still be liable to pay if I have ordered and expect something that the seller has clearly stated they do not offer.” - or words to that effect.


Now that’s an interesting idea

Sometimes you have to take things into your own hands. Fiverr doesn’t want to admin the site. They want as much money as possible for as little work as possible (don’t we all) so you may have to find ways around it.

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Oh thank you - I really do like that! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the input that’s really an interesting idea to ask to the seller during the submission of requirements. Will implement it right away!

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I have that on mine, when ordering you have to click the box that says “I understand that this gig does not include modifications, those will require additional payment.”

They can click either:

“Yes, I read the policy, let’s do this”


“No, I did not read it and will act surprised when you charge me for revisions.”

Cuts down a lot on the free revisions thing. Not 100%, but a lot.

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a good and useful discussion.

When this happens I kindly refer them to the FAQ on my gig. Most of the time they are new buyers that don´t understand the platform very well.

There have been cases of buyers who simply haven´t made a desition and still on the research process.

Having the FAQ has been a big time saver, and helps me filter priorities.

  1. Out of 113 orders, I think I have only had 1 or 2 that didn’t read the description before ordering. The vast majority of my clients contact me beforehand so maybe that’s why, it could also be that my gigs are for writing and yours about Marketing, but I can say I have never really had this experience constantly.

  2. Again, I have only had this happen one time, so it is not common in my field at least. I doubt very many people abuse this feature, or even if Paypal would allow them to without discovering that something is up. It sucks, but it happens to all businesses. I used to work at Taco Bell, and some people would order 50-60 dollars worth of food, and swipe a stolen debit card. A few days later, Taco Bell would get a letter in the mail due to the person who stole the debit card and complained that her money was missing.

Taco Bell still did the work, made the food, and gave out the order when the transaction was done, but later had to lose the money, making it a net loss. It’s just something you have to deal with when it comes to owning a business.

  1. Some buyers want the world, but like in any store, you have to tell them that if they spent 5$, they are getting 5$ worth of work. Just saying “I would recommend buyers to be more practical” does nothing, *************************, it’s not going to happen just because you tell them to. Most buyers are awesome, and are generally non-combative on their front. Just work within your limitations and deliver on what they bought.

  2. Buyers ask question for a number of reasons, ranging from mere curiosity to just trying to make sure they are not going to be gipped. Many sellers on here claim to be experts, but really are nothing of the sort. Asking a lot of questions helps in this matter, and is something most of us learn to deal with if we work Customer Service, which is why I recommend all freelancers to have some experience in customer service before trying to take on clients. If you can deal with the customers in Dollar General, you can deal with the customers on Fiverr like a cakewalk.

Attacking buyers like this, and effectively wrapping them under the same blanket, only hurts your business. If I was a potential buyer and I saw the way you talk about buyers on here, I’d choose someone else. Just aa word of advice.

Mod Note: A point was edited by the OP and has also been removed from the quote due to sensitive wording.

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Yes sellers faces the problems like this and actually unlimited revisions .
But have to keep working like this

Keeu up working.

I edited my point basically I am talking about questions which I am bombarded with Post Sale not Pre-sale. or like this which I replied to one of the comment “If they have any doubts/Questions related to gig is fine, but I have come across buyers who ask irrelevant questions. For example there might be situation where due to there lack of knowledge instead of finding issues which they have at their end they just simple say problem is at our end. So it usually takes hell lot of time to find out whose mistake it is.”

I agree! i am having the same problems as you said, especially the cancellations

I agree with you, thanks for your valuable posts

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