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Frustrated Seller Manifesto

Hello, I’m Gustavo Gama and I’ve been working full time as an illustrator exclusively on Fiverr for over a year and a half, and in my experience here I see Fiverr as a very customer friendly website, while sometimes taking advantage of it’s own bread and butter, the sellers. I thought of a couple points about Fiverr’s interface that really grinds my gears as an illustrator, but I’m sure they all fit into any other form of seller.

  • 90% Average for levels
    Like I said on the top I’ve been on Fiverr for a long time, and when I started I saw the level system as a way I could show myself as a veteran on the website, separating me from the starters. But soon I found out that 90% is a ridiculous average to maintain, specially when they reset it after every 60 days. Imagine being in school and failing an exam after getting a B. I’ve lost my levels so many times for just simple mistakes like having to cancel an order from an unruly client or not checking my phone for a couple hours after getting messaged. My suggestion would be lower this average to 70% but even 80% would be much more manageable

  • Cancelling unwanted jobs
    In all of my gigs I write on the top in big letters “Please message me before ordering” but either by not wanting to read, or being shy, or straight up trying to take advantage of a cheaper gig than the one they really want, some clients ignore that and order right away. Now I’m put in the awkward position of having to beg for the client to let me cancel or having to do a job I have no interest or passion for. I believe this could be simply rectified by allowing sellers a 24h window to cancel without penalty or consent from buyer

  • Buyers Requests
    Fiverr has always been seen as an online sweatshop that just exists to take advantage of inexperienced professionals desperate for work, and no other category exemplifies this better than the Buyers Request section. I’m tired of seeing bad elements looking for a fully illustrated book or a complete brand reinvention with a budget of $15.

  • Tips
    Fiverr should not take a cut out of tips. Straight up. Imagine working for less than minimum wage at a restaurant and at the end of the day your boss takes an extra 50 bucks out of your tips. I understand the 20% cut on gigs, as Fiverr helps sellers find the clients, but once we do find said client, over deliver on their expectations and manage to get a tip, Fiverr has NOTHING to do with that hard work. Quit being greedy and treat your users with respect.

If anyone else has any other points they would like to add please feel free to do so. These are just some suggestions to make Fiverr a better community for the sellers, remember who’s keeping your website afloat, it’s NOT the buyers.


I don’t care about the averages (Your Level Doesn't Matter), though an optional window to cancel would be nice (Changing the way on receiving orders), BR do feel like a tack-on that never made it out of beta (I’ve made a list, but never typed it), but tips would need to either: be limited to a set amount/percentage or that would be badly abused; or the amount cut should scale with the size of the tip (Petition to lower or zero tax on tips).


I said it before, a lot of people would manipulate the hell out of this system, and many new sellers or even older ones would do $5 gigs waiting for the remaining $100 for example to be paid via the tipping system. Tips are not charged 20%, right? You can see how this will go wrong.

As a seller, you can feel free to just increase your prices, this will bring you tips all the time.

You do realize Fiverr is the one promoting you and the reason you get sales, right? You also realize that you usually need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising to receive similar sales? 20% is not a whole lot, considering the fact they handle payments, offer you promotion on the platform and other benefits…My 2 cents


Wouldn’t this be extremely risky? Any client that would agree to this is a scammer. They would happily take the $5 gig and leave with no tip.

Afterwards, they have no one to complain to.


Very risky, but the people who abuse the system don’t mitigate risk. They don’t think rationally and then they come to the forum surprised when they got scammed.

So unfortunately risk does not deter people from scamming Fiverr so the company has to protect itself in formal ways.


Absolutely. It pays for itself if you are in demand and not super competitive, plus you can mark up your pricing to cover the costs.


I agree, there’s no way to force a client to pay the tip

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You do realize a lot of users here have little to no reviews? They would agree to that in a heartbeat. There are people sharing offers to buyer requests that are clearly a scam, so there’s a massive hunger fro money.

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sorry donnovan, I’m gonna call bs on that, I don’t believe any client would click with big eyes on a 5$ gig and then accept pay an extra 100 just to be nice to the seller.

It was just an example. You can’t call BS on an example. And you’re also underestimating how much people are willing to sacrifice here just to make some money online. Just go to the buyer requests and you will see people willing to work on 10000 words for $5. Hence my example.

The idea is, a lot of buyers would just go for the minimal order amount and then manipulate the seller, saying they pay everything via a tip (if there are no tipping cuts from Fiverr).

They wouldn’t be nice to the seller, tipping would most likely not get charged on their side too, so they avoid paying processing fees.

Anyway, this will never happen. Fiverr wants to make money, just like any business, so they will find ways to make money from you, not to give you money. It makes pure business sense.

Also, you need to realize that tipping is not mandatory. If you want more money as a seller, increase your prices. I for one receive tips from time to time and I am grateful for that, so it all comes down to the value you offer to customers. I can assure you some people always appreciate hard work. Sure, there are a ton of scammers out there, but there are good people too.